Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back With These Magical, Surefire Rules

“Can I fit into my old jeans after I’ve had my baby?” is a question that many moms find themselves asking their doctors. There is no right answer for this, though. You’ll get your body shape back, but you’ll have to really work for it. But hey, when has anything worth getting ever been easy?

You have taken 9 months to build up this body - you need to give it at least the same amount of time to get back! Here are some rules which you HAVE to follow in order to get the best results for you and your body:

1. Count your calories - but not too much!

Keep a track of the calories consumed. A breastfeeding mom needs 2400 calories every day, and non-breastfeeding moms needs 2200 calories everyday. So make sure you eat at least these many, but also keep a check on it to make sure it’s not junk.

2. Types of nutrients

For newly-minted moms, they’ll need to include high levels of iron, calcium, folate, vitamin C and protein in their diet. So the food that you consume must include all these. These are essential for your body to return to normal.

3. Change up the amount of food

Don’t fill up your plate with food completely. Although you can still eat your favourite foods, just keep a check on how much food you eat. Spread out your meals throughout the day. Have many small meals rather than one big one.

4. Leave the junk snacks, for now

If you see a stray packet of chips, stay away from it. If you see soft drinks, run away from it. The biggest challenge for you would be to stop eating and drinking junk for a while.

5. Juice it up!

Your body needs a lot of liquids. So drink as much water as you can and as often as you can. Eat a lot of fibrous foods too. Juices can be made from fruits, veggies and just about anything.

6. Stack up on vegetables and fruits

Do not forget to add veggies and fruits to your diet. There are so so many varieties - and I’m sure there are ways to make them taste good apart from cheese and mayonnaise.

7. Try out new recipes

If you like cooking, make the internet your best friend. Find out about low-calorie recipes on the internet and then try to make them at home.

8. Exercise

You knew this had to come, right? No weight was ever lost without some amount of exercise! Start with jogging or light exercises. Then you can gradually dial it up.

9. Love whatever you do

Don’t so something because you feel like it’s your duty - do things that you feel happy doing. This way, you’ll actually enjoy the work and you’ll find better results.










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