Go with the flow!!
Yes, when it comes to parenting,everyone vl start judging you by seeing babies behaviour and they start pointing you oh he is not walking not talking yet!! Someone of someone ageing is walking and talking so early he / she is so smart. You should do this you must feed this to your baby and list goes on...mommies please ignore shit and go with the flow.some take time to develop or reach milestone this vl not make them less smart..ur right person to know what is problem with your baby and if you cant make out really feels something goin wrong consult your paed ( right person to guide you.)

Here are few things i would like to share about my baby development he is now 2 year old officially toddler😀

1⃣ he started walking after his first he can run and jump from heights with both feet.

2⃣he was not trained for pee and poo as he never showed interest when i taught him.but after 1 when he started understanding instruction and most important he himself was ready for it.he comes to me and say about pee and poo and take him to dont rush to teach them they vl surprise you😉

3⃣my boy was very aggressive.agrresive in the sense of hitting bitting,pulling hair and throwing everything with anger. Believe me he does this all just to draw attention or may be he needs help from me.lil soul is excited to do all things and if they dont get it at the right time they throw trantrums.🙄 i was also getting hyper and thinking and asking ppl kya karu yeh aise karta hai..believe me no one ever answered me or may b answered but never worked.because its all normal at that age they just want to do it and v fail to understand at that moment and become daily routine when v strt giving attention for trantrums.

😉what i did i started ignoring him for all trantrums and never gave attention and also shown him big eyes and he was quiet and behaved as i wanted.ofcourse i have to reward him with lots and lots of kisses hugs and works try!!

4⃣most important now he follows can teach many things which vl help them to develop socio emotional milestone.they understand much what you say.separation anxiety also eases they become more bbay is settled now in preschool initially he cried and cried i know how i make himlove his school.(vl share in other post).

5⃣He independently start brushing teeth and comb his hair ( practising seeing his mama😀)he can remove his pants and wear it.

6⃣He can hold heavy untensil or object confidently

7⃣he is not talking much but can express it well.he mimic and say it well what he listens and see.

8⃣he can group things according to size or color ,he likes to play with animals( pretend play)he can ride his tricycle.he can paint and recognize alphabets,he is showing empathy.

9⃣he eats everything there is nothing like and dislike he loves food.he is eggetarian i never forced him to eat he himself feed his tummy and said mummy busssh😂😂
Above all are his acheivement and i am proud of him.its very important not to compare kids they develop at different pace.if they fail to reach milestone do not panic give them some time they will surprise you..if its really delaying you must talk to doctor ,could help to develop their skills.


*trantrums are normal way of expressing frustations
*At the age of 2 they will do opposite of what you said they check your keep cool better to ignore them when they behave unwanted way.
*When they start crying to get it whay they want.simply distract him with things what he loves.mine's favourite game is pee k boo.he loves to play same game again and again laughs with heart.check what ur lo loves.
*mine was hitting and pulling hair of everyone at home.we used shout him and manytimes wid love i told him not to do it hurts.all went in vain😔.suddenly he stopped one day so just go with the flow once they understand they will not do.give them time to understand what you want to convey.they copy you so acting infront of them works .
All in all just give them time keep on talking with them about right and wrong.i always say him there's super power who's keeping watch on everyone and if someone who hurts or do wrong will be punish by bappa. He prays daily to bappa saying Ganpati Bappa Morya😍 ..Happy parenting!!!











Apna pura toy luggage saath me leke ride kar raha ge mera kavu. Maasi kob leley backseat me. My sweetheart boy. Naughties little angel.




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Nice post 👍




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Very useful, Terrible Two can be handled, Watched his videos from the school app and Tamara says " Kaaappishhh" 😄




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Very well written post n very helpful👍👍

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All points are perfectly written n i agree with it and its a good post for me must read n noted all ur points. 🖖🏻🤘🏻👌🏻👍🏻🤞🏻🤙🏻



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