How did you start flatlays with babyM?"" I am often asked, Here's a little story to answer that ⬇️⬇️

This picture was taken when #babyM was just 4 months old & I had just begun to understand what it was like to be a #mother! Honestly I am amazed at the #newmoms who remember every tiny detail about their baby of the 1st initial months. For me everything was just so blurry, I was so exhausted, lonely & overwhelmed trying to do everything myself that I don't have a crisp memory of the 1st few months, Everything was a bit hazy & I would often feel guilty for not remembering every little detail!

My husband would leave for work in the mornings & return at night, it was just me & my new born baby in the house, I wouldn't get sleep in the day either. Days & months passed by like this. I often felt clueless about my life's aspirations & dreams too. I knew it was #postpartumdepression but how would I ever get out of this scared me.
This is how #flatlaywithbabyM was born!
Empty silent house, a new born sleeping, some chart papers & fabrics and a creative me. 🙈

I decided to make something out of that time I had when she slept, something that would make me smile & enjoy this process too.
Along the way, learnt to forgive myself!
I learnt that it's more important for me to be there for my baby physically and more importantly mentally.
I learnt It's important for me to save my sanity & not be guilty.
I learnt to not give up and turn my struggles into opportunities.
I learnt to not give up on my aspirations.
I learnt to make the most of what I had with me in that moment.
I am still learning to forgive myself for each time I do not meet my own expectations.
Why did I share this?? Well there is a mom/dad out there who needs this story, to see hope & inspiration!!

PS: BIG #thankyou To each of you who encourage me with your comments & shares! You have made this journey sweeter!" 😘😘😘🤗

Tanvi S Parekh
#MomsOfBabyChakra #momslove