I am kinda person who can't follow a mundane routine!! Hell yes!! I find following a routine too boring 😴... But I didnt have the liberty of not following the routine for my darling daughter, since I joined back work when Preesha was 6.5 months old (with a heavy heart & not sure abt how things would work without me)...

I had planned to keep a 12 hrs Nanny, also we have house help & a cook!

I had made sure that my Mother in law & Nanny just take care of Preesha & are not busy doing other household work!

So I appointed Nanny one month before I joined work, so that I can train her according to me & also simultaneously see how well shes gelling with mom in law and my daughter... (Trust me it was a difficult task for me to trust anyone else, since she was too small but they take care of her like a piece of heart ❤️)

So before starting my full-time job I had set a routine for her.. I shall write two routines which I followed for Preesha

1. 6.50 months to 1.0 year - Part 1

2. 1.0 yearq to 2.0 year - Part 2
1. 6.0 months to 1.0 year

(I started giving her solids only after 6 months were complete)
7.00 am - Breastfeeding

8.30 am - Body massage (Multivitamin + calcium med Rx by doctor) & after massage Bottle milk

9.00 am to 11.00 am - Sleeping time

11.00 am - Thick daal, Thick Mag, Veg Soup

1.00 pm - Khichdi ( rice+moong daal + Lil Haldi minus salt), daal rice (smashed)

1.30 to 4.30 - Sleeping time

4.30 pm - Bottle

4.45 pm - Freshen her up (Sponge+powder or cream + New clothes + Matching hairband or clips + Matching socks & shoes)

5.00 pm - Garden time, in bldg ground ( Till the time I was there I used to take her down without fail so now its a routine for her that she has to go down at least once a day to play), in the days when we couldn't take her out she used to play in the play tent @ home but freshening up is a routine which is still followed!

6.00 pm - Fruit pulp, Fruit juice (Boiled apple, chiku milkshake)

6.30 to 7.30 - Nap time again

7.30 pm or 7.45 pm- Thick Raab ( Wheat, Bajri, Nachni)

9.30 pm - Breastfeeding

10.00 pm - Sponge + Night dress 😬 ( I have a good collection of her night dresses)

11.00 pm - Sleeping time
She is always supportive of me, since she was 3 months old she used to constantly sleep without disturbing at night...( except when shes hungry 😂)

So this was my baby's routine which comprised of at least 14 hours of sleeping & nutritious food which was absolutely minus salt & sugar. I started sugar & salt after 1 year.
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