I did a small Exercise of Trying not to Yell at our lil ones for atleast one day and see what difference it makes in our day to day Life.. Here is my take ✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍ Although there were no instances of Zero Yelling from my end yesterday 😑(I am not perfect but trying to be one )but I am glad that this very thought in my Mind (I.e I will not Yell at my lil one no matter what) helped me to stop , the moment I had an urge to shout or Yell at my lil one on very trivial things. Jolting down the positive outcomes I discovered from yesterday's Exercise 💞Being MINDFUL --I found myself to be in the Moment each time I had the urge to Yell on my lil one for something or the other (Because of the the affirmation I took in the form of this exercise ).I believe being MINDFUL of what you do is the very first step towards addressing the problem :For example each time I had the very urge of yelling also made me think as to why I am doing this ??Why am I so angry on the activities of my lil one which are actually normal in the toddler stage like throwing tantrums or refusing to sit on the Potty seat and many other things like these ??.In short Being mindful about what i am doing helped me to become aware about it and helped me to control my behaviour the very next time when same situation arises (In this case the angry behaviour which triggered me to Yell at my lil one ).Yesterday I yelled a little bit lesser than usual (Thanks to the exercise )

💞 Addressing the underlying Problem - : Being in the Moment also helped me to discover the reason behind my upset or angry behaviour which gets triggered the moment my lil one does not listen to me ..

I thought about this yesterday a lot (since this is the culprit basically 👊) and found that Lack of sleep generally makes me angry which directly impacts my behaviour and as a result lots of yelling on the lil one 😑😑 and hence I am going to work on managing my sleep hours to get rid of my behaviour to some extent .Do you also think you have any such hidden problem resulting in the angry behaviour ?.