In this generation of adulteration, pollution and radiation due to continuous growth in technology, our system has changed to some extent. We don’t get proper organic food which is 100% chemical free. All these factors are affecting human bodies.

Now-a-days it has become a trend to have a C-section and a very few have a normal one. Have you ever thought how do mammals cope with complicated deliveries?

‘COMPLICATED’ deliveries and ‘COMPLICATED’ pregnancies are created by over thinking and over doing of certain things. That’s what I feel and my own perception. Your body is meant in a certain way where the baby manages to make its own way naturally by taking its own sweet time.

Majority of woman are having weak bodies because of our environment we live in and the kind of lifestyle we follow. Many of them stays in labor for hours and days but the cervix doesn’t dilate even after 10-11 hours. (Mine didn’t dilate even after 11 hours of labor and hence had a C-section). How frequent was this scenario in the generation before us? There should always be a positive thinking that we had a C-section because of our health issues and with an intention to save the mother and baby both.

In India, a C-section is considered as a stigma! Where many people believe that a woman is not a mother if she’s had a C-section. With a lot of awareness floating around the digital world people are educating themselves. But still in some areas of the country and in some groups of people a C-section is not acceptable where many women end up on their life and lose the baby too.

A C-section is as equal to a normal delivery too. Risks in both kinds of deliveries are same. In C-section one has to go through intense labor pain and when the cervix doesn’t dilate naturally, one has to go through a cut for safety of the child and mother. After a delivery your body takes time to heal and recover mentally and physically.

No doubt a C-section is very painful to deal with. Dealing with stitches and managing the baby often puts mothers into depression.

How long does it take for the stitches to heal?
To your surprise there is not only one cut but many cuts. The first layer of the skin then the second layer of the skin then the fats gets cut and then the uterus. So, all of these gets stitched up one by one. The stitch is almost 10-12 cms long and takes up to 5-6 weeks to heal completely. If you have had any complications in your stitches then even after these healing weeks you might feel little uncomfortable near your stitch. Make sure not to lift any heavy object or anything that would put pressure on your stitches. Gentle exercises like walking will help to recover fast but do not overdo it.

Take proper care of your stitches:
Taking proper care of your wound is very important or else it might lead to infection. You have to keep it dry after delivery for at least 5days and visit the doctor to remove the stitches. Your doctor will remove all the clips and pins and clean it with spirit which is not painful but uncomfortable unless you have dissolvable stitches. After this you will be advised to keep it clean and dry everyday by yourself. Try wearing loose cloths which is not tight over your wound. Immediately call up your doctor if you have a slight temperature, upset stomach, if your wound has become red, swollen or discharges.

Pain relief given by doctors:
Make sure you don’t miss your pain relief tablets given by your doctor or else the pain will arise again. These pain relief tablets will be safe while you are lactating and won’t harm your baby. However, avoid taking self-medication as there are many restrictions on your intake which might harm your baby while you are breastfeeding.

How does your scar feel while recovering?
It will take about 5-6 weeks to heal. At this time you will lose the feeling around the scar and feel the numbness. This numbness fades away with time. Some doctors suggest massaging the scar with prescribed ointment.

;Prepare yourself mentally before you go for a C-section:
You will get to hear all the negatives after your delivery. You will spend sleepless nights in pain as your baby will keep you awake for breastfeeding. Please do not let the negatives over power your strength. Remember you have gone through a lot with a lot of strength and little comments should not pull you back from moving on happily. This is just a phase which will pass on soon. Concentrate and focus on your wellbeing and your bundle of joy.