Is Women's Empowerment still a question?

"Where there is a Women, there is Magic". She has the power to create, nurture and transform but her life is full of brawls and swedges.
Though we are living in a so called modern, advanced digital era but the Mentality of Society has not yet changed. The struggle of Women has not yet changed.

1.; Divorced: She can’t keep a man
2.; Raped: What was she wearing?
3.; Childless Marriage: She is barren
4. Doesn't give birth to a male child: it's all her fault, there's no son in her womb
5.; Rich and Independent: she's a prostitute
6.; A bad child: It's all the mother’s fault because she spoilt him
7.; She wants to play some sports: You're a girl!! It's too difficult for you, that's not your purpose in life
8.; She is single and drives a car: she would drive away all potential suitors.
9.; She speaks her mind: She is bossy.
10.; Unmarried in her /30s/40s: She is irresponsible.
11.; Married: Becomes her husband's property.
12. Cheating spouse: Its her fault, She made him do it.
13.; Widowed: She killed her husband to take over his properties.
14. Remarries: She didn’t Mourn her late husband enough
15.; Domestic Abuse: What did the woman do?.

Alas! Time has changed, Women are ruling in all sectors but still in major part of the society the questions still arises on Women and their Capabilities.
When will this come to an end?

When will the Women will not be held responsible for all the mishaps, When will the domestic violence will come to an end, When will the Women will get the freedom of speech, freedom of wearing clothes of their choice, freedom of education, freedom of choosing their partner, freedom of living their life on their own terms without any limitation, restriction, criticisation with composure, dignity, love and respect.