#kidsafety Its summer time and we take our kids to the pool every evening. A few ladies come with their kids, sit on the bench n chit chat while their kids swim. A few ladies sit with legs dipped inside the pool and a toddler in hand. The pool attendent always warns these ladies to be careful especially the ones with kids not knowing how to swim. We always find this saree clad lady, in her late 50s or early 60s sitting on the bench with her granddaughters one who must be around 3 and other around 4-5 yrs old. She always sat thinking something while the two kids sat very close to the pool and watched other kids play. The attendent warned her everyday and she always said.. we r just sitting here and kids r not going inside. Today, the pool was less crowded...with around 10 kids and 2 adults ( me and my husband) with our tots. The attendent was a bit occupied today with some issue in the changing room. When this old lady came today he asked her not to get the kids to the pool area because it can be dangerous. But she royally ignored him. About half an hour went by and we heard the lady screaming ..i look back and on other side of the pool i could see the elder granddaughter drowning. I immediately asked my husband to rush there. Fortunately for her a young boy was close n he tried to pull her up. My husband got the girl out and the girl started vomiting. The attendent checked her and after having some water she felt ok. The lady left after a few minutes without remorse. All this disturbed me so much today. I request every parent to educate their parents/ inlaws/ nanny, any person (who are attending to their kids) with things that can be harmful, fatal for kids. Hire a maid and let elders supervise ( if they r not physically sound) Be alert, keep kids safe. 🙏👍