Many of us live in a nuclear setup and it is practically not possible for us to take our kids every day for outdoor play. This is the reason; most kids today spend time at home watching television or hooking to mobile phones.

In such situations, indoor play areas have proven to be saviors. It is an excellent choice where the kids can have fun, be active and most importantly play in a safe, clean and colourful environment.
Why KydzAdda is our one-stop destination for UNLIMITED FUN

Why Choose KydzAdda For Your Kids
What if I told you moms and dads can work on their laptops while your child can play under safe supervision?? That is very much possible!!;KydzAdda;is your go-to destination!!!
Facilities Offered At KydzAdda, Bangalore
KydzAdda is a lot more than just a place area in Bangalore. A thoughtfully curated space for a family with young kids. The colourful play area offers access to slides, tube tunnels, ball pits, trampoline and a lot more.
1. Spacious Play Area
It is the first ever 10000 sq ft spacious indoor play area in Bangalore for a family with young kids.This sophisticated and soft play area is designed to channelize kids’ energy. The best part is, this play area has a separate toddler play area for children under 5 years. Moreover, super-soft flooring ensures safe play.Apart from the huge play area, the kids can be a part of various activities and workshops.
2. Co-working space

Parents,; especially mother's prefer to work from home to look after their little ones, Krivi Spaces provides them an excellent medium where parents can bring their children to KydzAdda and work without any disturbance. At KydzAdda you can work while your children are being supervised. This place is open for anyone to work.;Krivi space is an ideal place and highly loved by working parents with young kids.
3. Loads of activities and Events
If your have a child who enjoys activities, workshops, and events then you must visit KydzAdda. This play area regularly conducts amazing activities, workshops, and events suitable for kids in all age groups.The events and actives are focused to promote learning while playing The various activities for kids and adults; that include dance, music, storytelling, art, craft, Zumba, mother-toddler program and a lot more. All these activities ensure the overall development of the child.
KydzAdda has curated a summer camp for kids with various activities where kids can learn and have fun at the same time. Summer camp at KydzAdda this year has 2 batches; one in April 2020 and one in May 2020. Please check their website ;;for more information or call 7847 888 222
4. Parties and Occasions

KydzAdda is a one-stop destination for birthday parties, special occasions and all types of celebrations.Kydzadda promises to make every child’s birthday a memorable one. The private banquet halls are designed to over-look the play area . The adults can enjoy their party and kids can have a gala time in the play area. The skilled team takes care of decor, food, entertainment, etc. You can customize the package as per your preferences.
5. Cafe and Library
This one is my personal favorite. If you want to relax and enjoy a nice meal or a coffee, the KydzAdda Cafe is the perfect space for adults. Catch up with your friends or enjoy me time while your kids play right in front of your eyes.The in-house cafe caters to all the banqueting needs both indoor and outdoor.The menu has been particularly designed to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.
About Ms. Deepti Mahesh (The Founder of KydzAdda)

Deepti Mahesh started KydzAdda in 2014 and this was the time when she had her own two little kids. Her primary focus was to allow every child to be themselves, to jump, play, run, read, relax at their own will and wish. Being a mother of 2 and a successful women entrepreneur she is determined to provide a fun-filled and safe environment.
Importance of Playing
Playing is an important part of a child's life, it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. Fun games like running, jumping, throwing balls, catching, pulling builds physically healthier child.

Moreover, it prevents obesity (which is a serious issue) and strengthens bones and body. playing also contributes to social and emotional development. Give your child the best version of childhood and let them create beautiful memories.
What I Liked the Most About KydzAdda
1. Colourful and kids’ friendly ambiance

2. Parents can work (without any disturbance) and kids can play under the same roof.

3. Huge theme based indoor play area i.e. Jungle theme and Ocean theme

4. Excellent outdoor alternative for sunny and rainy days.

5. The one-stop destination for party, occasions, and gathering, everything at an affordable price.

6. Separate play areas for little munchkins.

7. Free Wi-Fi to work and socialise.

8. Loads of activities and workshops.

9. Kids are well managed by the staff.

10. Soft play equipment that can keep them engaged for hours.

If you are planning a party, get together or a school trip the skilled team of KydzAdda takes care of end to end requirements. The added features includes theme-based decor food (any cuisine of your choice), entertainment, magic shows, puppet show, storytelling and a lot more. You name it and they got it.
KydzAdda is a wonderland for kids, a perfect play center that has something special to offer everyone , from babies to older kids.










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Charges for children below 100 cm is 200 INR and above 110 to 150 cms it is 250 INR




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