First road trip.
Hello mommies today I am going to share how fun and easy my first road trip was with my 7 months old munchkin!!

So just to brief a little it was a 7 to 8 hours journey around 450 kms... what made it more exciting was we were going to baby M's NANI house 🏡..

we left in afternoon around 12.30 pm so I carried her lunch with me as she usually has her lunch by 1.30 pm. It was a good idea as her routine was not altered, and I gave her no reason to be even tat bit cranky.

So next, the moment we left from home and settled in car 🚗, we had our lunch and took our afternoon nap so that Mumma can get sometime to chat with masi and they can enjoy some music together..

For the next feed which was our evening snack I carried powered threptin biscuits 🍪.. I really recommend it for such road trips or on the go snack for babies.. I just added a little milk and made a fine paste, it was filling for next two hours and to top it up BABY M loved the taste.

To keep my little munchkin occupied I carried her favourite toys and books 📚 but she was busy with masi enjoying the weather on the other side of the window and trying the latest snap chat filters. 🙈🙈

It was again time for a small nap 😴 and then we substituted our soup 🍜 with milk 🍼.. and with a few diaper changes and a little more peeping out of the window at lush green fields and the sunset we were about to reach home 🏡. Though we were late for our dinner time but my munchkin was all excited and in a happy mood to be at her nani house 🏡 just like her mommy.

I was really skeptical about this idea of a road trip, I had various thoughts about if she would be ok, how will I feed her, will she have any motion sickness, what if she gets cranky in that small area and zero space to play!! But it all went smoothly.. she enjoyed road trip as much as I do!! It was my little munchkin who made out first road trip memorable!! I look forward to many with her!!

This is our story of "The Perfect First Road Trip", how was urs??










Cheni Adukia

Hey I just give her one only if I need something filling for her. And only If needed. And it’s a little old school buscuit. Though I have heard same from many but touch wood it works for us when travelling. And I dint fave any issues with it as yet




suhasini dikshit

Hey i have a question on threptin biscuits it says those r for increasing appetitie n not recommended for is it safe??




khushboo chouhan

wow! thats a great story!!