The Heavenly Abode!

Where should we go HONEY MOONING?..this word's so funny,we never called it a honey honey moon..we booked a vacation though!;

In Indian homes,people are rather more interested in knowing the details of first vacation post wedding..And they would do their best to give advise on the places to visit even when they know little of what interests the newlyweds.;

There were so many uncalled for advises, oh,by the way you should go to Dubai,what? Why would I want to roast myself in that weather?;

Ohh,then go to Singapore,and why is that? You can go Shopping there! What ? Have you lost it? We want to relax not shop on our vacation! A big NO!;
arre sab to wahin jate hain ๐Ÿ˜ณ
To main kya karun,mujhe nai jana..๐Ÿ™Š

I am not saying,there's anything wrong in chosing these places for a vacation,I would definitely like to explore both of these,but not just this time!

Well,we decided not to listen to the relatives atleast! We both had our wishlist of go to places,We would better consider that?;

I being a beachy person,chose Maldives..and till then I didn't know he was more in love with mountains,terrains and treks..But see this is the vacation not the adventure!;

And,somehow he so wanted to chose what I like ( I think he wanted to make an impression on his fiancee by doing that!)..So,we had Palau,Bali and Maldives on the list now..Palau and Bali got eliminated due to bad weather conditions in January and zeroed down on Maldives..yayiiii..๐Ÿ’ž

When we were booking the vacation,the agent said,are you nuts? Why do you wana spend 7 days at Maldives,they will take you to an island of your choice and you are done! There are no shops,no connectivity to urban area and u will get to see the same sand and water for a week,you will be struck at a place and will get super bored..We said,we still want do it,He said no I won't book ur 7 days there,I will plan something for you. Well this is the reason we had to ditch that guy..arre bhai,that is what we want to do!;

Unwind in the serenity,soak ourselves in the beauty of sand and clear waters,and never ending sea galore!

Then,we ended up booking all by ourselves!;

Even the security official at the airport gave us a look and asked,all 7 days in Maldives? You will get super bored guys,change your plans! We looked at each other and smiled coz we both knew it is not the first time we heard that..

These 7 days seemed so less to us,for we could have spent a month (if time and pocket allowed us)..

This has always been my idea of vacationing.. marriage preparation in an Indian family takes a toll on ur otherwise relaxed already took the better of us rolling,never ending shopping spree and Indian rituals and what not left very little energy for us to do any other thing..we never wanted to book a vacation just for the heck of pictures. It would sound as running a marathon, so much to cover in such a less us lazy bums but really running around many destinations in a weeks time was; not my cup of tea..

Traveling in a sea plane and watching the beautiful islands from the window is the most wonderful experience you could ever have. The oval shaped islands are so scenic,I lost my breath everytime I had a view of them!
When you see them from sea plane view, it will look like a chain of pearls.; And before this I only saw a sea plane in my favorite cartoon show.. where balloo crashes it all the time!!

Crystal clear waters, soft white sandy beach looked so pristine!

Lush with coconut palms and thousands of coral reefs,fishes,marine life at its best...

There is still so much to explore, snorkeling was one of the best experience so far..sea diving..go looking for dolphins at the sunset cruise..kayaking in those green could even see your image like a mirror,it is that clear and pure..

The calmness of the place..we could even hear the sound of waves from a length..

Keep gazing at the rising sun..

Walk by the beach,hand in hands with the love of your life..waves come and go leaving impressions sweeping off the sand below your feet..the feeling you get is shows what life is for nothing is permanent!

Sitting on the deck of your beach villa looking at those shiny creatures in the sea at night twinkling like stars as if they are injected with radium..

Take a drink by sea shore,amidst that cool breeze,looking at your partners face which glows in that candle light..

Getting to know more of each other,talking endless nights..

๐Ÿ’ŸSo,all you ladies and gentlemen,make the most of this time as it never comes back,for this is the time to sway urself into each other.;

๐Ÿ’ŸGo far from the noises of city,where you can listen each others heartbeat!

๐Ÿ’˜You will have plenty of time later in life to shop and click pictures.;

๐Ÿ’ŸMake memories rather than just memoirs,do all the mushy talk you can for this is the time of the two souls..;

๐Ÿ’•observe, take a step further to understand each other a little more..

After this trip,we knew a little more of each other,we admired a little more of our soulmate, we built a foundation so strong..๐Ÿ’—
And the reminiscences which are kept in the HEART and SOUL !

What is your perfect destination of a romantic vacation?










ritu singhal

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ritu singhal

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Priya Sood

A perfect timing for this one!!!! My favorite place is Maldives!!!!!




ritu singhal

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