''Postpartum Depression is real ✍️

Well, there is nothing different, nothing special that happened with me during pregnancy. Like all the moms out there I went through some behavioral and physical changes, made some compromises (yes, I still believe compromise is not a negative word, it shows how much you value something in your life) along the way.💕

Well, just like no two humans are the same similarly no two pregnancies or motherhood experiences can be the same. Emotions can be, but experiences would surely be different. ✍️🎶

The rebellious child of the house got married to her love, what more could I have asked for. I have always been a joker of my house, making people happy, smiling and being happy with whatever I have are my natural traits.

I had learned how to be a mother way before I became one in terms of responsibility and care. I am elder to two younger siblings and both have tested the water of my patience 😂😂

Then pregnancy happened and I didn't feel a thing of nausea. It was smooth, beautiful and no physical troubles whatsoever. I smiled, laughed, clicked pictures and whatnot. 💕

Then right after delivery, something broke inside me and it made me so bitter that I didn't even want to look at my newborn. I felt helpless and every time I sat alone to breastfeed my little one it felt like the walls were closing on me. I felt hollow.

Postpartum depression hit me hard and I denied it's existence. I cried and blamed the whole world.

Motherhood-bliss became a trauma for me. I prayed to bring my normal life back and then cried for many nights because this is what normal was after being a mother. I don't know what I would have done had I not got the support of my family. Man of the house never left my side even when I was at my worst and bitter self, how can I not love him more with each passing day.

Postpartum depression is real, as real as it can get. It is okay if you don't love your child since day one. Give yourself time and speak to someone, anyone, just talk to someone.

It took time for me to find the motherhood-bliss 💕 and oh boy, it is beautiful'' ♥️

Kavita Singh
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