Most mothers start feeding new foods to their babies once they are about 6-7 months of age. Since breast milk is most nutritious compared to other foods, in the process of starting newer foods for your baby, it’s very important that the mother continues breastfeeding along with it.
When choosing what food should you start with and how to give it to your baby, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Start with soft fruit purees, vegetable purees, fresh fruit juice, soups, plain yogurt (room temperature), dal water, mashed curd rice, or mashed dal rice.
Make sure you feed around ½ bowl (3-4 spoons) once a day initially, either in lunch or in breakfast depending on the food choice.
In case you prefer feeding new foods during breakfast time choose fruit puree, fresh juice, or soups. On the other, you can choose vegetable purees, plain yogurt (room temperature), dal water, mashed curd rice, or mashed dal rice when feeding during lunchtime.
Make sure you breastfeed your baby 4-5 times a day at equal time intervals along with other food options.

Example 1:
Breastfeeding times: early morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, evening time, and dinner.
Fruit puree or soup: breakfast time
Example 2:
Breastfeeding times: early morning, breakfast, mid-morning, evening time, and dinner.
Dal water, mashed curd rice, and other lunch options: lunchtime

Once your baby gets comfortable with the offered food options, start offering them 2 times a day (breakfast and lunch/dinner).
For mothers who have a lesser breast milk supply or who use formula milk, you can increase the quantity and frequency of feeding other foods along with formula milk.

Fruits to use for puree and juice: banana, apple, strawberry, watermelon, sweet lime, orange, papaya, and mango.
Vegetables for puree and soups: potato, gourd (lauki), tomato, beetroot, and carrot.
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