My list of pregnancy movies
1) Mary kom- it is a biopic which begins with labour and delivery and ends with the wellbeing of the twins interspersed with the course of mary kom's boxing career. If she can box her life through love wedding pregnancy and child birth, then why can't we just walk through. Pregncancy is not the end of your career. Its a reinvention of the new you. Love the new you and be the go getter.

2) Paa- Nothing can stop the mom in you. Your child is the best. So, go ahead and just shut those nagging mouths up with your genes-talk lady!

3) Shaadi ke side effects- Hilarously portrayed yet its relevant. Show it to your husband, rather watch it with him. Parenting becomes a lot more easier with both parents in it together. Discuss your expectations from your partner as you both sit through this movie. New dads will get the perfect perspective from this movie. Don't loose the fire, rather reinvent your relationship through pregnancy child birth and parenting.

4) My sister's keepers- Heard about the "cord blood banking" yet? Sit through this emotional roller coaster with loads of tissues to understand the need of this new concept. Then discuss it with your doctor to decide for your self. It ll also lead to an effective vent out.

5) Boss baby- watch this animation movie to laugh out loud

6) Knocked up- Women transform a lot through child birth. It isn't easy on the men too. Hilarous presentation of transformation of a one night stand couple into a strong parent couple.

7) Ramona and beezus- it is a lovely family movie you can't stop your 'awws' at all. Enjoy it with your whole family and friends.

8) heyy baby- Three men and a baby. What do you expect? From the perfect mess to the perfect family and How that happened, watch it to find for yourself.

9) The jungle book- See even those animals can raise a baby in the jungle. So why can't you? Just take a chill pill girl.

10) teree sang- A teenage pregnancy story. Adversities could be many and can come up any time anywhere. And that's what life is all about. To each his own. We all have different life lessons to learn in this life with different purpose of life. No grass is greener. So leave no stones unturned to make it to the other side if you really want to. Or else just hang in there and let it pass over you. Either ways you will be the succesful survivor. So worry not. You will make it happen.

11) Vicky donor- Don't forget to watch this and acknowledge the fact that how lucky you are to be able to concieve naturally.

12) tare zameen par- another emotional toddler story. You must have already watched it. Its good the emotional vent out will be less or may be zero even. So its good enogh to be watched with the bump. It definitely won't disappoint you, if you watch it again.

There are a few other watch worthy movies too like what to expect when you are expecting, chori chori chupke chupke, filhaal, kya kehna, kahaani, kahaani 2, tumhari sulu, baghban, hum aapke hain kaun, 3 idiots, secret superstar, moana
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Hey great... I read only bhagwat geeta during pregnancy and watched cricket and news and now Shivansh also love to watch




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@6170259aade2a9001326c96a nice choice




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