I guess becoming a mother is definitely something  that makes us bring wonders and spread magic in our child's life! But I guess this wonderwomen title encompasses much more of us than just being a mom! I would like to present a wonderwomen of my life to you- MYSELF! The reason I nominate myself for this title is - I'm blessed with a spirit to fight all odds yet maintain my kindness and gratitude! Just few examples to support this :-

- am the eldest among three kids and first daughter in my family which brings a lot of responsibility to ensure I set the right example for my siblings n cousins! I did not score great in my 12th boards shattering my dream to be an engineer.. my parents were broken.. yet I graduated as University topper grabbing the Gold medal from then delhi CM - Mrs. Sheila Dixit.

- Could not make it to a strong brand during the placement time in my master's as my dad had to undergo a kidney transplant and I had to be in Delhi for my mom.bhai was young and sister in pune perusing law. Yet I made it,through an offcampus drive to the Top IT company - TCS! Also had the privilege to add this company as recruiter to my college list as alumni. my professor's are still so prpud5of me.

- Took a break of 3 yrs ,left my job, and persued my abd b.ed. making me a double master's professional.

- currently handle 3 different jobs professionally as freelancer, my kid is a star performer in almost everything! have been working on him from day one..

- have a happy and loving husband.

- started working on my health too from mid last year and the results are quiet visible.

- lost my father in front of my eyes..while my mom n sis were out of Delhi.. Gathered my family and prepared them to fight to survive! My mom today handles my dad's  complete business. .Got my sistee the same year.My brother who had to leave his master's in between is back and persuing it again.

- Blessed to help poor and needy on regular basis.

-Take care of stray dogs and feed them regularly!

-have stood by my friends through their thick and thins, always!
I guess if I am confident enough to quote that I am happy and I can ensure people around me are happy with me! I have done my job as a wonderwomen really well. hence I nominate myself for this title! thanks babychakra to make me feel special already..










Kritika Dawer

u r truly a fighter....god bless