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After couple of days I sat for meditation ...
Mannat was sleeping . Thought purification of mind and soul is much needed after so much negativity going on in my life ...

Did traditional offerings and cleaned my Altar ..
Best part I can offer whatever I have cooked there is no restrictions .; It concentrates on enlightenment of your own self ....

I am asking anyone to practice Buddhism but we can definetly inculcate his preaching in our life...

Three Universal truths some basic teachings of;The Buddha
1.;Nothing is lost in the Universe;:

The first universal truth of Buddha found was;nothing is lost;in this universe. Old solar systems disintegrate into cosmic rays. We are the child of our parents and we will be the parents of our children.

If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves. If we lie to another, we lie to ourselves. Learning and understanding these truths,;Lord Buddhaand his disciples never killed any animal.
2.;Everything changes;:

The second universal truth is;everything changes and keeps on changing continuously;. Dinosaurs, mammoth used to rule this planet but now we humans rule the planet. Life is like a river, it keeps on flowing, ever-changing.
3.;Law of Cause and effect:
";The kind of seed sown

will produce that kind of fruit.

Those who do good will reap good results.

Those who do evil will reap evil results.

If you carefully plant a good seed,

You will joyfully gather good fruit.;"

~ Dhammapada

It is mentioned in;Dhammapada;too, if we do some good things, then good things will come to us. If we do something evil, then evil things will happen to us. It is all due to cause and effect. This law of Cause and effect is known;Karma;.

Most religion strongly believes in Karma, so do;Buddhism;. Good karma results to good results and evil karma leads to bad results.
The Four Noble Truths
The Noble Truth of Suffering
"There is happiness in life,;

happiness in friendship,;

happiness of a family,;

happiness in a healthy body and mind,;

but when one loses them, there is suffering.";

~ Dhammapada
What are suffering;?

Suffering is everywhere. When people are born, they cry. When they are sick, they have pain. When they are old, they have sufferings with their body. When people die, someone dear feel sorrow for their death.
The Noble Truth of Cause of Suffering:
What are the cause of these suffering? Why do we feel pain? Why do people suffer?

These are the result of greed or wanting more, ignorance, wrong idea of pleasure.
The Noble Truth of End of suffering
In order to end these suffering, one must be able to cut off their greed, idea of having pleasure. One must learn and have knowledge to cut off their ignorance.

The first way to end these suffering is changing one’s views and must try to live in a natural way and must possess peaceful mind. The state when one ends their suffering and live a peaceful way is known as Nirvana. This is the highest goal and aim of;Buddhism and Buddha;tries to spread his knowledge to people so that they can end their misery.
These;teachings of Buddha;described the way leading to a acessation of;dukkha;and the state of self-awakening. The Noble Eightfold path is described below:
1.;Right View:

What is right view?

Knowledge about the cause of suffering, knowledge to end the cause of suffering, knowledge to way of path to end the suffering. This is called right view.
2.;Right Intention:

Right intention can also be called as “right thought”. Understanding the right view, one should be able to differentiate between right intention and wrong intention. One should be resolved to be free from ill will is what right intention will teach you.
3.;Right Speech:

One should always keep themselves from lying and ill speech. One should make best use of their speech and abandon false speech and always speak truth.
4.;Right Conduct:

Never hurting others, criticizing others, well behaving, are the right conduct. One should never conduct any actions that may harm others.
5.;Right Livelihood;

"Do not earn your living by harming others. Do not seek happiness by making others unhappy."

The Buddha.

One should never choose living where his way of living may directly or indirectly harm others.
6.;Right Effort

Right effort can also be called “right endeavor”. One should always try to take any action on the goodwill of people.
7.;Right Mindfulness

People must constantly keep their mind to phenomena that may affect the body and mind. This means one must be aware of their thoughts, words, and action.
8.;Right Concentration

Also known as “right meditation”, Right concentration teach people to concentrate and focus one thing or object at a time. Thus leading quiet and peaceful mind.
Following these 8 Noble Eightfold Path, one can cultivate their wisdom and thus leading to the path to attain “nirvana”.










Nancy Singh

I am a strong believer of karma... non killing even I believe but I want non veg.. let's see when I will have that much control to leave <u>it</u> And yes Gita; also has similar preachings; I think almost all religions in world has similar preachings.. just the way is <u>different</u>





The preachings are same as in Bhagvad Gita... yes.. whatever goes out comes back to u albeit in a different manner...; i too strongly believe in Karma.. n non killing..




Akshaya Naresh





Sachi Singhal

I am a strong believer of karma(what goes around comes around)&#128515;




Sumira Bhatia

Omm ma ni padme hum &#128591;



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