Potty training :Our Journey to Say Goodbye to diapers

As soon as my doll turned 2 people started saying She is a big girl now and she must be potty trained by now! I was like she is just two and I don’t want to rush until she shows me signs. More than she getting ready as a mommy I should be ready in mind that I am ready to take her for the bathroom trips when we go out! Kids getting potty trained is a hard task for a mum until they don’t wet the bed so I was literally not ready in mind. When you become a mom people will know to give advices the moment they see you! Whether you are a first time mom or not you will get a lot of advices!

With the pressure on a mom she tries to do even though she isn’t ready at all! I too tried but my daughter knows her body better than me right! She wasn’t ready to say good bye to the diapers. Who will say goodbye when the diapers are so colorful? You know very well about the Cloth diapers right?

When a baby can know when to stop nursing obviously she will get to know when to get potty trained! I was lucky that she was able to hold the pee the whole night and we were literally in cloth nappies/underwears the whole day when we were at home!

We had kids of same age as BabyA and they were all potty training their kids and I was the mom here who had no idea why am I worried when I literally didn’t want to start the training now. Even when we discussed with her paediatrician she supported me saying I am right and there is no rush to make them potty trained.

So I received all the advices all this years from mommies to go with the reward system, to introduce potty training games, to allow her to play those games, etc., etc.

Reward system won’t work out with my daughter because she doesn’t accept chocolates as an reward. Whereas the other kids accept chocolates as rewards. So investing on a gift won’t work out with our family. So I didn’t even think about trying them.

With too much pressure ON even though I didn’t show the pressure towards my kid I literally cried to my friends regarding my failure as a mom for not training my kid to go to potty when she was about to reach 3 years in 3 months made me feel upset and they boosted me and gave me some tips. But none went inside my head.

I changed my mood and concentrated on day to day activities and as Ramadan was close to us I concentrated on the Ramadan and after Eid I had a determination to get her potty trained before she reaches 3 and just spoke with her and took her to shopping to select her favourite undies. Told her she can wear beautiful frocks which she loves only when she is potty trained.

Usually when I speak to her about potty training it was like she will run from the place and tried to distract me from the topic we discussed. But I felt she was ready to get potty trained now. With that hope took her to the potty seat looking at the signs she showed on the first day. I had struggles for a 3 days until she studied her body. After that she was ready to say good byes to the diapers😉 Alhamdulilah she was potty trained completely and with almighty’s grace she is completely potty trained before 3.

So mommies follow your child. Don’t rush to make them potty trained since you want them to. No peer pressure please. They know when to get trained. It’s not a race. It’s their way of understanding of their body. Now even in a public spot when she feels she needs to pee she informs us and goes and let me tell you I made sure that I don’t confuse her with the diapers ON and OFF. Like I have seen mommies advising me to put her diapers on when she is playing at her friends home. When I am there near her how can I make her wear diapers when I know she literally is trained. During this journey of supporting your child you might be getting bad names or not good things from your friends. It’s fine. Trust your child and follow the signs she says. You will rock on!

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P.Tamizh Muhil

Nice write-up. Thanks for sharing.




Rebecca Prakash

Lovely post Salma , yes babies can understand only by 3 years and we must not rush them. I know many claimed they potty trained the babies by 6 months 1 year but its all for 1 month then they will be back to diapers. 3 yrs plus is the right time.




Pooja Singh

Yeah my LO too doesn't pees during the night. But I must have too make her wear her diaper early in the morning




Madhavi Cholera

very informative post dear



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