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"1 month to go ~ 1 month old ❤️

The 4th trimester, you don’t hear much about it! I think it should be so emphasized, we can feel so alone, lost, unheard & unappreciated during this transition.
Your shift is 24/7. You are the only one that baby relies on for every single thing, every hour & it’s never on your terms.
You feel blessed with the new version of yourself while also mourning the old you, as if she’s a stranger now. The days of showers, meals & plans on your own schedule feel like a distant memory
You are a human pacifier
You are a walking bottle
You are always bouncing, rocking & shushing
You wont know when your next shower is
You wont know when your next meal is
Sleeping when the baby sleeps? It’s the only time to get anything done
Getting out of the house feels impossible so if all you do is go to the store, you feel successful
Every outfit is covered in milk, poop, spit up or pee shortly after getting it on
Sometimes the crying doesn’t stop
Sometimes the sleep never begins
Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again
Postpartum depression overrules your thoughts, you can feel so low & sad but then feel guilty for it. These feelings can be judged & used against you by those who don’t understand
How can you feel this way while also loving them so much?
“You do nothing all day,” some say, meanwhile you’re giving you’re all to someone as you can’t even give 1% to yourself
Your body goes through stitches, bleeding for weeks, back pain, nipples sore, pelvis is aching
The 4th trimester means physically & emotionally you’re running on empty but that newborn would never know it because you give them every ounce of fuel you have left to make them feel loved
They’re the love of your life through every motion
This stage teaches you how to give abundantly without expecting appreciation or reward in return. It feels like no one understands, you can’t hear them say thank you BUT the moment they snuggle you, staring up at you with big eyes, the world stops &
God says,
I chose YOU for this human
You are their world
& that’s the moment that keeps you going
This is love, this is my why."










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