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"I was recently shamed for creating a reel for wanting some me-time. While it was created in light humour, I realised as a mom we are always being judged.

I mean I am a mom who is human and I have flaws, needs and I can’t put a face in front of the world and be perfect. I can’t because I am not and I have to yet meet someone who is. I love my kids and they love me and we have our own equation bas!!!

Moms get shamed all the time no matter what they do. Tell me;

👉Have you been shamed for not breast feeding your kids? Or even stopping the breast feed early?

👉Have you been shamed for not
Losing the pregnancy weight? Or losing it too quickly?

👉Have you been shamed for having a C-sec delivery over a vaginal one?

👉Have you been shamed for eating before your kids? Even though you take 10 min vs your kids who will take hours?

👉Have you been shamed for leaving kids home and travelling with hubby or friends?

👉Have you been shamed for leaving your kids home and creating a career for yourself?

I mean if I start listing what all moms are shamed will be an endless one.

I just want to tell those reading this. Moms go through a lot physically and mentally when they have and raise kids. They are dealing with life choices all the time. Just because the girl had a baby, she does not mature overnight it’s a process. She will take time to get a grip. Give her space, time and patience. Be kind to her.

And be supportive of whatever she decides because when supported really no mom ever will think of anything which is not good for her baby💕. It’s a love that can’t be defined.

Let me know ladies what kind of mom shaming have you faced? How did you deal with it?"

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