Ten things to remember while visiting a new mom.

We all get excited when we hear our friend/ relative has just brought home a new born right ? It’s a really happy and overwhelming experience for us. But you know what? It might not be that exciting for the new mommy.
Yes you heard it right. I have personally faced it and hence I always make sure that I am personally invited by the new mommy. Not only this should be taken care with the new moms but even moms of the toddlers aren’t always ready to welcome you home.
They feel their body is messed up, their house isn’t ready to get guests and much more.
So here are the points that I take care of in case I am invited by a fellow mommy.

1. Complement them on their looks- Yes, that gives them immense pleasure as they forget taking care of themselves while looking after the little human.
2. Bring them food or request them strictly not to cook. These are the formalities that really stresses them up. Can u imagine I cooked for twenty people when they came to visit my five days old baby girl !! Yes.
3. Don’t, I repeat don’t give unsolicited advice. Suggest only if asked.
4. Don’t say things like -“oh he/she might be hungry, thirsty, feeling hot/cold.” Mommy knows the cues of the baby and in some case they might feel offended.
5. If you have got the baby some gift, like a dress or Jwellery, don’t force her to put that on baby then and there. She might not be comfortable doing that and might end up doing it just to please you.
6. Don’t stare at the mom while she breastfeeds! Yes it happened with me.In fact I was told to change the side as the breast might have gotten empty. Yeah I know, very strange.
7. Help yourself. Try to take water or food, if offered, yourselves.
8. Say that the food was tasty and the house is beautiful. It’s okay to please someone who is messed up.
9. DO NOT kiss the baby ! It can lead to severe skin disease to the little one.
10. Do not complain if the mom never replied your texts or calls.
Please try to follow these and you might get invited more often to meet the baby.











Durga salvi

Really superb post dear.