This moment is the most awaiting day of my life, giving birth to my baby.. having first look of my love and me in one adorable baby....
I have been told once we enter 9th month , it's kinda tym for anytime delivery... With lots of happiness and excitement I was waiting..
I had dinner then was trying to sleep everything was set , I was thinking of false pains that were triggering from couple of weeks . I was trying to sleep by watching some entertaining videos , after 2 hrs baby kicks were increasing which didn't allow me to sleep then the contractions have taken stand for every position possible , after 2 hours of observation I had woke up my mom as pains were continuous for every 10 minutes.
We took tym had bfast and some fruits as we were getting ready for big day .. my brother and mom took me to scan center where we got scan which was mandatory as our Dr told a week back.
Finally reached hospital without any rush I was sensing my pains , my dearest relatives and husband reached place in no time, after 3 hours check up was done for cervix dilating.. which was not even started.
They gave me glucose which increased intensity of pain then again dilation was checked which was not even 1cm , on request of my relatives for normal delivery they injected me for more intense pains which was also not useful baby was in upper part of stomach on left side ...
I turned right , was dying of intense pains and my dear ones; were trying there experience on my patience and my bad luck the anesthesia drs were stuck in traffic , it was almost 15 hrs I was bearing pains .Till then I took a chance and shifted to my bed from delivery room where I was told to push .
I had to starve because I was gng to have operation at any point of time.. I was abt to faint bcz of dehydration and pains then I heard drs have arrived .. my soul has woke up I just took few steps to operation theatre. . I just gave up on pain I was gng to have , just wanted my baby to come out safe and the delivery pains to come to a end.
Anesthesia was given and the drs were well focused on there tasks and with in 10 minutes I heard my baby's cry .. I was relaxed . Later on my operation was continued .. I was able to see gloves filled with blood then closed my eyes .. after my operation was completely done I asked how is baby and then is it a girl or boy.. third and most important question what was the problem why no normal delivery.
Drs told baby is superb and it's a girl.. I was on cloud nine.. drs told the problem was baby has winded herself to umbilical cord 3 times.. came out of operation theatre.. saw my family and nurse kept my daughter on me for some time and she was crying with sweet voice which gave me lots of happiness..; finally I had to stay in hospital for a week , it was the painful part in my life ... but most beautiful part was I was able to see my baby's reactions and everyone were admiring her beauty.
the mistakes that happened
1.No scanning machine in hospital in case of emergency

2.Dr was irresponsible, left things on nurse

3.Elders perspective of having a normal delivery

4.No availability of anesthesia drs in time

Believed in reviews .. instead would have opted some good hospital with equipment.
Out of all these my baby is strong , I'm a sports person we came out of big challenge.. my request is don't believe in reviews go for hospital which has proper equipment and believe in yourself.










Vidya rathod

Thank god everything went well and baby is safe. Congratulations dear. Nice advice for expecting mom's.




Am Zam

Thnx for sharing!