Travelling with an Infant or toddler is no big task
Travelling for me is like devotion, I love exploring and learning new culture and cuisine, it kind of soothes my soul. But after I conceived the one thing which upset me was I would be refrained from taking trips the way I did. Then I did accept the fact that we will certainly have few restrictions with the tiny tot but it would be more enthralling and adventurous and travelling is all about that.
Our First Trip
We decided to have a short distance trip to Pondicherry from Bangalore out of so many destinations in South India when my baby was 5 months old. The reason behind was we wanted to avoid a bumpy journey to a hill station as how he may react and can use a pram wherever we go. It was indeed a smooth trip as he loved the bus journey a lot more than us. He was on exclusive breastfeed so had no issue in that trip. I wish would have done more before I started baby weaning.
Our Second Trip
We were sure that he would not have any issues with bumpy rides so this time travelled to chikmagalur for 4 days when he was 11months old. As he had started having solids, I had his food concern in my mind but soon I found out ways for the problem. It went well and I did not have to worry about my baby food at all as the homestay people took care of it so nicely. But we had little issue regarding handling him as he was much more mobile as compared to the first trip and was difficult to keep him in one place. But that’s how journeys are, always a new experience. Soon we are planning for our Euro trip before he turns out 2. Hope it to be more captivating than any other trip so far.
Things to pack for baby Food
I don’t give any baby food from outside; I make everything fresh at home. So giving cerelac or any other outside food was out of question. I didn’t want him to compromise with any of the meal what he has at home. So packed one electric kettle to boil milk or water and few easy to make baby food ingredients.
I packed oats, cornflakes, fried rava or suji, Milk powder, fruits, jaggery and to make khichdi I had soaked water and dal and then dried and roasted them. After that I had powdered them. It can be boiled in water to make a replica of khichdi with almost same nutrients. You can also add grated carrots to it. On top of that you can breastfeed or bottle-feed whenever baby needs or in case of emergency.
Things to keep in Mind
Trips can’t be the same with a baby so don’t expect too much to explore in a day.
Please keep general medicines (for cold & fever) and water bottle for baby.
Start sightseeing after your baby wakes up in the morning and come back in the afternoon so that he does not get to exhausted. Time it right so that he can have one nap in the cab and the other one in the hotel.
Don’t disturb their sleep as they get cranky and can ruin all your fun amd you don’t want the trip turns out to be a nightmare.
Avoid going to places which are not baby friendly, please do a research beforehand about the places to cover.
Plan everything beforehand like where to stay, how to roam, where to eat and take care of every minute details.
Nevertheless, please know that things may not happen as per plan and you may not cover all the places of a destination but don’t worry too much as there is always a next time, you can sit back & ;relax in hotel and enjoy playing & spending quality with your husband & toddler. Have a happy vacation ahead.











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