What show I eat I don't like any Dal roti sabji what to do ??










Rebecca Prakash

First Trimester ( 1 to 3 months) : In early pregnancy one may not feel like eating anything, However it's very important to have nutritional foods from the beginning itself. With food aversion on peak, it is definitely difficult to eat and we may not feel hungry. Ajwain will be the life saviour here, it not only makes us hungry but helps in digestion and resolves vomiting issues also. Boil 1 table spoon of ajwain in water and sip it often.. At this stage avoiding masala food is good, eat steamed food. Instead of 3 meals have 5 small meals. Include 2 vegetables and 1 fruit every day. Soak dry fruits and nuts overnight and start your day, it helps. Second Trimester ( 4 to 6 months) : By end of first trimester vomiting and nausea will settle in and hunger pranks will start, one need to be very careful in choosing the food options. All three trimester avoid junk and eating out.. Or make it occasional. Breakfast can be upma with vegetables, dosa with chutney or sambar, any vegetable Paratha, oats, daliya etc. Let the lunch have protein, carb and fat as well, rice or roti with dal, 2 vegetables and curd will be the ideal lunch. Insisting on 2 vegetables because pregnant women need more fibre. Snack on cooked sprouts, popcorn, upma, peanuts, home made bajiyas occasionally is fine. Let the dinner be light, simple dal and roti or rice and dal. Before sleeping mix 1 table spoon of Gulkand with warm milk and drink, it helps in constipation and acidity. If non vegetarian, consume lean meats for lunch but make sure to drink more water. Third Trimester (7 to 9 months) : Most difficult trimester, with growing baby hunger pranks will be more but when eaten, it will result in vomiting or gastric issues. Avoiding fried food, sweets, spicy foods will be good. Sticking to simple dal, dahi, roti, vegetables etc is better. Protein intake has to be more so include eggs,chicken breast, paneer, tofu, lentils etc often. Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water is must, <ever try new food. Seafood can be consumed in moderation, when eating out eat at a hygienic place.;