Q: daughter is 11month old...i jst noticed her one side f breast is quite bigger than d other one....y soo?is it normal?? highly worried

it is quite normal....but if it is red and painful then it is mastitis and you will have to consult a pediatrician..

thanks doc..shes has no redness or pain there..but wil dis tKe a normal size later or the diffrnce f size wil reamain?is it due to some specific reason...?

it's a growth phenomena and size will be normal and same later on..don't worry

doc one last question..i hve been told dat during her birth her malishwali din take out milk evenly from both the breast dats d reason forr this to occur..wil this result in bursty breast??

it can...but it will be red and painful..

its not red n painful..shud i massage dat side of d chest?will it help to get back to the normal size...