Hi I am 39 weeks old. My edd is 18-30 weeks. But my baby's head has not dropped till now. Dr. told that there are very less chances of normal delivery. Is there any way to bring the head down(dropped) in such a less time? How much time walking and how mach squatting should I do for it? If I will get pains vl it mean that baby's head has dropped? Please suggest. I really don't want cesarean.

Labor can start even if the head does not engage but likelihood is low. Please do half squats only and engage in brisk walk for about thirty minutes every day. Additionally you can sit in tailor position and do pelvic rotations. Imagine there is a clock on the floor and you are moving yourself in circular movements in 360 degrees. left to back to right to forward.

Thank you so much. can you please tell what is tailor position?

my baby's head had not dropped till very late.. I had gone for my checkup before 3 days my labour pains started.. it had not settled by then.. my gyn had suggested me to do walking for 30 mins everyday and I did light house work too.. along with yoga and squats.

Hi Akanksha... Was your baby's head dropped when your labour pain started and did you had normal delivery?

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