need help once again Ruqaiya.. i want my daughter to sleep at night.. fr her day is night n night is day.. she cries if i dont put her to bed wen she s sleepy.. i keep d room bright at day time n dark at nights.. its nt helpin.. i need rest.. sleepless..


Getting to the Bottom of Why your Baby doesn’t Sleep!, 14 Things That Affect Baby Sleep (And Ruin Your Night) are very good reads. Please do take a look.

ruqaiya khan

dear Raveena , for a 6 month old this is not a day /night confusion . it is a restless night habit  she has developed . can u tell me wat are the timings she is sleeping during day  in detail .also are u breatsfed or formula and have started solids . was baby sick recently .kindly give this information so.I can help.better

ruqaiya khan

thanx for the tag Sweta Nagubandi

Raveena Vardhan

she plays all night n sleeps in d day.. she sleeps at 12 noon n wakes at 3.. den sleeps back by 4-5 pm.. sleeps gain by 6-7 .. 9-11pm.. she is a breastfed baby.. yes started solids.. nope wasnt ill recently.. n if i don let her sleep during d day she cries.. nthn can distrtact her..

ruqaiya khan

dear Raveena ,ok ur baby is actually nappinh well . dont keep her awake in day inorder to make her sleep.at night. ur baby is trying to sleep earlier in evening so lets help her. set her bedtimes at 7 in evening its not early and she will sleep well. now if she wakes up try not.to get her out of her bed . slightly pat her back and let her sleep no matter how much she resist calmly pat her to sleep . let her be awake in her bed but after 2 day she will understand that mother wont let me play after 7 in evening. bored she will fall asleep . if she cries go to her nad pat her back lay her down in her bed donot take her outside the bedroom keep light off .as she sleeps more during night the day naps will get short . dont let her nap at all after 5.30 . and keep naps each of 1 hour max. ur baby has actually set a good pace of sleeping early in evening .

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