I have completed 3 months of pregnancy. I am getting severe itching on stomach, chest, legs etc, due to which I'm getting rashes. Is there any problem?

Apply calamine.. dont scratch at all using fingers. If it persists, then make sure u talk to gyno.

It happens due to hormonal changes..aaply coconut oil or aloe vera gel after bath...drink plenty of water!!

Please meet your doctor and get a blood test done to check your liver function test. Itching could be due to this

Drink lots of water ...apply chandan or calamine to soothe

Keep hydrate ur body. I f itching occurs dont scratch it. Keep moisturise ur body with mamaearth anti scratch marks cream, For rest of ur will help u.

Surya better to go for Lft liver function test.

It is normal n u should apply coconut oil