My baby is teething so i m giving her homeopathic medicine calcarea phos before this i had given her 21 teething trouble.. i dnt understand which one is best. As she puts her fingers in her mouth alwez. N she is passing motion 3 to 4 times daily.

Hi my daughter is still not teething but I have lot of friends s babies who started teething as early as 6 months. Few followed homeopathy and few 21 teething, however I don't see any difference, they were all cranky and had pain. When I discussed with my paediatrician, he said "teething is natural process, and it does not need anything". So upto you to choose between the one or simply stop.

Yes my pedea also said it's a natural process you can't do much about it .if you want you can just massage her gums with finger in night .

Loose motions are common in teething sometimes even because children put hands in mouth..they become cranky too..I have also given calcarea phos and homeopathic medicine for teething to my daughter as her teething was very delayed..but massaging babies head twice.. offering cold carrots to chew..or sterlized teether helps..also give her some sheera which helps at this time

Healthy Sheera Recipes For Weaning Babies

Suji sheera i give her almost daily n she likes that too..Aditi Ahuja

That's great dear... actually infants become very cranky during teething as they feel their head is heavy and they have itching in rice daal..sheera such things..even fruit puree is if stomach is loose then apple is good..also thin khichdi is good