Very bad cold from one month lots of sneeze, nose congestion..sometimes runny or stuffy nose, red watery eyes, really tired of this, I tried everything I could, please help me out

Please read this article
12 Effective Home Remedies For Common Cold and Cough

I have tried almost everything but my cold is in love with me not willing to go away it's more than one month

I have entered in my 22 week's of pregnancy

Consult with doctor for medicine dear

It may be an allergy too which is recurring..but take medicine as per doctors advice as you are pregnant..also try steaming with drops of eucalyptus oil..even adults are nebulized sometimes when it's severe..also drink warm water infused with haldi..take kadhaa too...this article is for babies but has very good remedies for cold A Homemade Cough Syrup And Other Effective Tips For Treating Cold in Kids

Shoo Away Your Colds And Coughs With Homemade Cough Drops