my baby is 2 months old..next month I am going to my husband's house..now at my home there are elders to help me..they take care of me and my baby very well..now when the date is coming close to move out of my home..I am getting tensed..will I be able to take care of my baby alone..will I be a good mother..? what if I am not a good mother..I am freaking out..I think I am the only woman who think like this..I should be happy to go back to my husband ..but I am not.. :(

Harneet (clanpedia)

be calm. no one comes prepared. many of us stay here in nuclear families, like me
..i was all alone durimg both my pregnanies and deliery and after that also. when u live alone, u learn so much more and also on a rapid pace. so dont worry, u have ur family to supoort u always. call them if u feel alone or cant get to a solution.

Dhara Popat

heu dear.  Trust me i was also sailing in the same boat.  Since five month i was at my mummy's place with my bacchas as they came premature and as my mother in law is down with many problems she was unable to take care of them when they came too small. The day i think that i have to go back a fear runs down my spine that will my bacchas be able to adjust to the new enviornment and with my in laws.
But, with all the strength that i gathered today since morning m. back here at my husband's place and u wont believe my bacchas also got along well with the in laws and they have adjusted soon. Remaining part of me being strong that i have too. As now m a responsible mumma. 
God has gifted all the womens with immense strength to overcome any situation they face.  So,  take a deep breathe just calm down n move on.. 
you are the best mumma already as u have started takung tention for ur baby now only without knowing how the situation will turn out.
Hugs to u.  tc😇

Sheeba Vijesh

hi dear... its ok to feel anxious... btw, ur baby will be 3 months by the time you leave. by then things will be better than now... dont worry, motherhood is a magical thing... you will be able to look after your baby very well!

asha chaudhry

hi there. guess what! i m betting at least 60 percent of moms feel this way. we all are comfy at our mom's place whr someone looks after baby whil we eat, shower. a massagewali comes, the cook makes nice food, ur parents check on u at nite while u are feeding, they come along to the ped, they roam around wth baby to put him to sleep.... trust me u will do all seamlessly. also pls have a candid talk wth ur hubby and explain ur fears so he knws hw u r feeling! he will also help u! and whenever u hv a doubt simply post a question here on the app! good luck and welcome to mummyhood. u will be just fine! Sheeba Rizvi #tagfwd

Nimisha Mistry

Since hormonal changes, all ladies think lk dat n go emotional... Bt looking at face of yr child... Things become easy... So don worry, stop thinking n simply take the things how it comes... Look for maid or call sum senior person in the beginning if possible...

Gayatri Rao

Hey girl! Cheer up! You don't actually know how strong you are. We women are strong like that! Keep your mind on what you want to do and you'll do it.     Learn from your mistakes and don't be hard on yourself. You are a mother and you will do only the best for your baby. :)    

Archana Bhosale

Don't worry dear,  everyone is right here, you will be able handle all things.  You need to be organised and share some responsibilities with your spouse if he loves.  Talk to your husband. Even I was so terrified to look after my baby alone. So just be organised and u will never feel frustrated. I have hired cook to help  me out.  Every day we learn and grow so cheers

Mayo Verma

salute to all the ladies you all motivate another mommy ..I will be going home for two months and this wud be my question but you have asked already and am already feeling lighter .....Wow see how technology has help us connected ....Jai ho👏👏👏👏

Sonam patel

hey.. every mother is concerned about her baby.. cheer up and think positive.. you will b able to do everything very well.. every mom is so strong that she is able to take best care of her baby.. we have so many moms here on baby chakra who takes care of child alone.. what say Rakhi Puri

Meghna Tailor

Baby very smart Dear,  they have god gift to know to pappa. They very well enjoy with pappa , &  we would like to enjoy to watch them...

aradhana sharma

babes trust me you will be able to handle well.keep things planned and organized .. i never touched a baby before i had my own , also i never visited mayka as no women there.. when i can do it..u can very well, also u have lots of energy from love n care u have got from mayka which will help u there. tc

m priyanka

Hi dear..Every new mom vl feel like tis.Even i felt same and u know i never hold or lift any baby before.Even i don't know how to lift baby aswell but now i can do everything for my baby so iam sure every mom vl automatically learn things for their loving lills...Don't worry everything vl be fine.Tc

Rhituparna Mitra

Being the ‘Good’ parent is not so difficult, after all! - this article is perfect for you :-)

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