my 5 year old daughter has developed a habit of touching her vaginal area again and again , even at public places..i have changed her ug size but still the problem persists... what should I do ? kindly guide

Arwa Hozefa

mabbe she is feeling scratchy due to the heat . make her wear loose clothing and use a good powder so it doesn't feel itchy . She might also have seen some  one do the same and might feel it's ok to do . speak to her and let her know that it's not ok to touch herself like that .

Rhituparna Mitra

Niyati Shah - Averti Can you please help?


Deepali! So nice to see you on the app. Our expert help is on the way

Niyati Shah - Averti

there could be 2 reasons. 1. she is uncomfortable. change her panties, or check for infection. 2. she is exploring her body. in case of reson 1, just make sure you have changed her panties or treated her for infection. in case of 2, it is ok to touch one's self. that's how you explore and know you body. but do teach her to do so in privacy and teach her not to hurt herself.  The best way to know why she is doing so is to ask her. you can then do the necessary :)

Deepali Gala Mamania

thankyou for the help , and yes neha love to be on app.. but had been occupied and so couldn't be more on the app...

Deepali Gala Mamania

I have asked her and she told me that she feels itchy.. so have changed her panties and make her wear loose clothing ... but still many times she touches the area .. but i shall try doing the other things suggested by you .. and yes she does keep on asking about the girls and boys.. I explained to her that god has made us .. and as a girl can give birth to a child she has the vaginal area like the one we have and as we give birth to child we have to feed so we have breasts.. and men's do not.. she got satisfied with the answer ...

riz rose

dnt.give her mobile and dnt allow her to watch tv alone. dnt watch intimated scene in front of her. and watever cartoon stuff she is watchng make sure it gives some moral or eudcation. from this age u hav to b lil strict n disciplined with  child.

Deepali Gala Mamania

thankyou but I do all things with her which you have mentioned ... and nothing if that sort she does or watch..  but anyways , thanks dear ...

Sonika Singh

Hi deepali...do wash at nite ...gud you change her Ug..maybe it's become her habits touching.. whenever she touch you say no it's bad no one do that... slowly slowly she will understand.....

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