What are various ways to prepare yourself for breastfeeding. Any massage or yoga. Plz suggest lovely moms

Hey Prajakta.. pls read the links

Ways To Increase Breastmilk Naturally

Recipe On How To Increase BreastMilk

Massage does help along with loads of jeera and water.

Hi Prajakta the only way to prepare or increase the milk supply is " LATCHING" use a comfortable nursing pillow or ordinary pillow, hold the baby on that and keep small stool under your legs, all these will give comfortable position for your baby to latch well. Include Jeera, ajwain, saunf, garlic, daliya, oats, nuts, dry fruits, eggs, chicken etc in your diet. Sharing some breastfeeding stories which will motivate you.

Stories of Breastfeeding Victories: I am Persistent

Stories of Breastfeeding Victories: I am Determined

Stories of Breastfeeding Victories: I Have The Will

BreastFeeding Tutorials

Why I Chose To Breastfeed?

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