I am giving Nutricia Dexolac to my 24 day old son since birth as my milk is not sufficient for him. is it OK for his growth and development. I am really worried. plz replay.

The superior nutrition for babies is breast milk, nothing compares. why do u feel your milk is not enough? got to bed with your baby for a few days. lots of skin to skin contact. eat nutritious food, drink lots of water. your milk supply will be enough. relax. join the group breastfeeding for indian mums. stop giving formula your supply will increase. It is extremely rare that a women can not produce enough milk.

hi...thank u for giving quick replay and support...I just want to know formula milk affect growth of child??

I guess it depends on the formula and what's in it, many contain sugar. u would need to learn about formula. It is best for the child to avoid formula, as breast milk is a superior nutrition. why not try exclusive breastfeding? you do not need to worry about the contents of breast milk.

Hi Poonam, nutricia dexolac is a infant milk substitute. Infant milk substitutes are not recommended unless indicated in particular cases. We need to discuss in detail why is it given to ur baby? If the baby is having a good weight gain & about 6 urine outputs in 24 hours , the milk will be sufficient
The milk substitute usually leads only to a faster weight gain as it contains a lot of sugar but that weight gain is not always healthy & nutrient wise, it doesn't really ensure growth & development as much as breastmilk does.
Since you have mentioned your milk is not enough, we need to know why you think so & what can be done for the same. There are some measures to know if your breast milk is enough & does your baby really need anything else except for mothers milk .
breastmilk is always best for the baby until 6 months of age for healthy growth & development of the baby.
Breastmilk not only gives all the required nourishment to the baby but also protects the baby against various illnesses. it helps to build a bond with your baby besides helping you to recover post childbirth. These are just some of the benefits of breast-feeding which I am sure u must be aware of. The milk substitute will never compensate for the benefits of the breastmilk.
Nevertheless if you have been suggested to feed your baby, you can continue that for the time the reason is met . Once your milk supply is established with nutritious food, kangaroo mother care & proper latching techniques you can gradually reduce the intake of the product.
If you need guidance to know how can you establish your milk supply to eventually taper of the milk substitute , you can contact.

I was in same situation for tge first month and now exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. ....I also used to think my milk is not enough but lactation techniques daughter was not taking my milk in beginning and I had to give her nan 1 from bottle tgen I gave her calma nipple and gradually she started direct feeds

I am also in the same situation ..but my daughter can latch on my right side property ..but have a great problem to latch on the left side..wat should i do..

please try to give baby your breasts milk...till 6 months

i gave nanexcell pro for 3 weeks because of low weight and now baby is completely breadt fed.

Is nutricia Dexolac special care powder safe for my 25 day baby?? Till now I gave that for 3 times .. 10ml every time in different days.. my breast milk is sufficient but when she cries a lot it tends me to do so.. Is it safe to use powder milk rarely??? How to increase breast milk??

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