Dear all,
How to remove Disti(evil eye) for babies.. Does anyone follow this? please share how you do that..

Madhushree J

There are lot of ways u can follow any one

Madhushree J

Easy one to remove drishti through broom stick and light the broom

Sangeetha Karuna

In my home, they do this in two ways. 1) handfull of rock salt in both the hands just rotate the hands three times against the kid.
2)lit a camphor and rotate it again three times, same in anticlockwise and up and down motion. They do usually during sunday evening
I believe that, just to make our mind calm, our older generation   followed this method ☺️
Roopashree Siddireddy, your thoughts please

Roopashree Siddireddy

I agree with Sangeeta Karuna. I do follow sometimes...
1.take crystal salt and rotate 3 times and throw it off.
2. you can use 1 spoon of Epsom salt in bath bucket and give bath for baby... it remove Alli negativity.
3. Take few sticks from broom...rotate and burn those sticks outside home.
4. Take whole broom..rotate 3 times and go and dust outside home.
5. Take red chillies... rotate 3 times over head and put it on fire. ( it is possible if you have6.  "chula" like olden days or water boiling system as in olden days.)
6. Take cotton and create a doll (similar to ginger bread doll) and rotate and burn outside house.
7. Take lemon rotate over head and crush it outside house in bare leg / throw to western or southern. side.
8. You can take a egg..write a face on it from Kajal, rotate and break it outside house . ( some do break in the junction of roads)
9. Take mustard seeds ( preferably white mustard seeds... rotate and throw towards southern side of your house.).
10. you can take your hair, just 1 hair strand and do 3 knots in it and say as it flys aways.. negativity goes off. ( I don't prefer this..as hairs may tangle to some birds feet.)
11. Take a plate . add water and turmeric. keep it in front of baby. Take some burning charcoal.. rotate from far 3 times.. and put that burning charcoal in that turmeric water. this you repeat 3 times.. then the whole plate should be rotated and thrown out of your threshold . ( my grand ma use to do this to me. )
12. take some rice... make it 3 portions.. one portion is mixed with turmeric. one with kumkum and last one plain. then you make that portion like a Ladoo. rotate and throw it out. ( my in-laws place..this is followed.) thanks for the tag Sangeetha Karuna

Anonymous Dad

take some salt in ur palm, fold it n move it from the baby's head to foot n throw it out

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