My baby is just 1.5months old, I take shatavari with milk and also i eat dry fruits laddo to increase the milkquantity but i am not able to breastfeed​ my baby,she remains hungry and for that i have started with lactogen.....Please guide..Lactogen is good or can i start with cow's milk for her?

aradhana sharma

hi, cows milk should not be given to babies till 1 yr.try increase your milk by feeding frequently , taking diet that increases milk , also not stressing n taking rest is imp for bm .lactogen or any other formula u can start after asking your doctor , which will be best for baby. but do keep trying for increasing bm it's liquid gold for your baby.  Foods that Support and Enhance Breastfeed check this out, it will help

Sheeba Vijesh

no cow's milk till baby is 1 year old... her digestive system is not mature to handle cow's milk...babies do not cry for hunger alone... they cry to express their every need... if she is feeling hot, tired, sleepy, stomach ache, etc... normally, a mom can produce enoigh milk for her baby, and the more milk baby drinks, more milk is produced... you could visit a lactation counsellor which would help you to breastfeed your baby rather than give up and resort to formula...

Sheeba Vijesh

Rakhi Puri Dhara Popat #tagfwd

Aarti Thapa

i try and give her my milk as much i can but she keeps on crying until bottle feed is not given....and since Lactogen ka's more of water her stomach gets empty again in sometime as she pees a lot..so elders have adviced to start with cow's milk by adding more so that her stomach will be full...i am really confused...

Sheeba Vijesh

aarti, elders say a lot of stuff.. they mean well... take what's good and filter the rest...babies pee like 15-20 times a day and thats good... if your baby is peeing 6-7 times a day minimum on breastfeed means she is feeding well.. the thing with giving bottle is that baby can easily get milk without much effort on bottle, while on breast baby has to work a bit hard... but once baby gets used to it, breast is the most comforting thing for her... till 3 months you will have to feed like a lot... thats how most babies are... sometimes baby falls asleep while feeding.. so we pull out thinking baby is full, then baby starts crying again... keep tickling baby under feet or on ear lobe and keep waking up until feed is complete... also do not use bottle, use vati and spoon to feed...

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Aarti Thapa I was caught up in this trap...my baby was not latching and due to everyone was getting irritated with her crying we had to start Nan pro 1...I have cried whole night holding her begging to take my feed directly...but she refused my nipples...you are lucky at least your baby is latching...I increased my milk supply with pumping and food...I used to pump half an hour 8-10 times a day and feed her my milk only...u can try lactonic granules with milk once a day...eat masoor Dal, ajwain and saunf water... drink as much liquids u can....feed her frequent... probably every one hour...give her bare skin feel...hold ur baby on your bare chest before every feed cuddle her... close the room feed alone with lil music....milk increases if you are happy and loveful... personal experience...I wasn't able to feed due to postpartum depression which I got to know later as it's me only who is still feeding with enough milk...u can do it have faith... Babies cry with dissatisfaction also from FM....they feel content with mother's breast... good luck... thanks for the tag Sheeba Vijesh

Aarti Thapa

sure now i will try this method aswell...

Dhara Popat

dear no cow milk or any other animal milk till one year please.  shatavari kalpa with shatavari churna u can have with milk.  secondly with the sucking of your baby your milk flow will increase. feed often.  tc :)

Mannat Kaur

u can take oats, dal, jeera water , fenugreek water , egg boiled , bread and butter ,
fibre content food to increase breastmilk

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