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my baby is so smart but she is not play a jumping game

Let her play whatever she wants don't force her but just check if she is good in other physical activities like running or climbing.

she will jump in another couple of months... Don't​ worry. when she is ready and sure that she can land properly..then she will jump. I agree with Sheeba.

Give her time dear. As long as in your general check ups doctors says all is ok then pla dont worry

Dear Aradhana, Don't worry about this too much, as long as she is able to do other physical activities like running and skipping well. If she is having difficulties in all these areas, then you may want to visit your Paediatrician or an Occupational Therapist to ensure that her motor skills are developing in an age appropriate manner. In the meantime, you can encourage more outdoor play and give her the time to develop this skill, as each child is different and takes their own time to do different things. Hope this helps!