my LO is 10 months old..he already seems to have a mind of his own...if he wants something he can be quite ziddi about it and tries to show temper!..otherwise he is a very jovial kid..how should i divert him when he being adamant..changing my pitch..rolling my eyes..have no impact on him..he starts laughing if i do any of the above

Sheeba Vijesh

on the same boat madhumanti... i think just keep telling... at this age they dont know what anger is... but praise when he does something good and no when doing bad.. just keep at it... asha chaudhry Ankita Popli Sheeba Rizvi Roopashree Siddireddy advises please😊

Sonam patel

Sheeba Rizvi asha chaudhry Roopashree Siddireddy pls suggest..

asha chaudhry

this is an awesome q madhumanti (though must be exhausting for u!) let me remember :) music helped distract. i also used to show "big eyes" which worked better later on (i think it still has some impact on #thenineyearold !). does he have a fav soft toy? start playing with the toy and talking to it - that will distract and become a deal breaker for sure! i like to discipline the fun way :)  Priya Sood Manveen Dua Gayatri Rao pls share some ideas #tagfwd

Sheeba Vijesh

asha chaudhry awesome tips... lemme try it!!

asha chaudhry

Sheeba Vijesh tomo i m meeting my childoo after 3 days (she's staying at her friend's place in another city for the first time!!) whn i meet her i will try and get her to do the big eyes for u :)))

Sheeba Vijesh

ha ha... oh yes, please do... btw staying alone for 3 days? oh wow a big milestone for #thenineyearold!!! 👏

Preetjyot Kaur(mylittlemuffin)

Madhumita plz try not to give in to him all d time... D fact that they know that their crying or throwing tantrums work, makes them do it even more... Try to divert his mind... Do something exciting... Hold him n start jumping or start singing a song for him and make it exciting for him... If he still wishes to cry,  let him but don't give in to his needs... Ignore him for sometime...
Remember once the child gets the trick of getting things done by crying or throwing a tantrum,  there would be no stopping to it..

Sneha Srinath

hey 😉my lo is 3 months old... and he s very adamant now itself 😂if he wants me to walk with him on my shoulder he makes sure that I do it by shouting and crying... n then he smiles like nothing happened 😀frustrating but cute 😉

Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog)

we are going through exactly this with my three year old. All i say is "finish crying then we'll talk!" she can go on for almost an hour and I'm so.exhausted by then but off late her tantrums are getting shorter and less intense​

Gayatri Rao

Simply by not relenting every time he is adamant about anything. Let him cry once a while. Its okay, though brace yourself for banshee like screaming.
He's opinionated already is a good thing. Channelize it with talking or showing him something thing that will interest him. Laugh along with him when he sees you roll your eyes. It diffuses tension immediately. Hope you have a great sailing with the little one :)

Ankita Popli

I am suffering from the same...
so I am following this post

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