hair fall after 3 months of delivery.

Hey I have a remedy for it, mix coconut oil, almond and castor oil, apply 20 min before bath and cover your hair with towel soaked in hot water.....I had same problem, it worked for me 😊

it is because of all the high hormones of pregnancy draining out. don't worry, it will be under co tell only after 1 year to 1.6 year after delivery

it's normal, have a healthy diet n take proper care of hair.continue Ur iron n calcium supplements

It's due to hormonal changes that occur post pregnancy.
But u shud rule out medical causes.
What you can do
1.Check for iron levels, thyroid, Vit D and B 12 levels.
2.Start Homeopathy it helps curb hair fall.
Also use Arnica shampoo and oil regularly with internal homeopathic medicines
3.Start with Follihair tablets or some multivitamin.
4.Don't use any harsh products and colours.
5.Refrain from ironing or treatments.
6.Don't blow dry.
7.Don't comb when hair is wet
8.Take good care of nutrition.
9.Up ur protein intake.
10.Drink green tea
11.Have plenty of veggies n fruits
12.Increase your fluid intake.
13.Stress less n sleep well
Dr Bhavi Mody

thats lack of iron and vitamin e in ur body cause u must be feeding the child. its pretty normal. make sure u take all ur suppliments everyday. ur body gets out of pregnancy hormones and back to normal female hormones by 1 yeat

hair fall is normal first 6 months after delivery. Sonali Shivlani pls advice.