cant put my 3 week old baby down. i can barely grab a snack never mind cook a meal. she will only sleep on us, and she is feeding constantly apart from at night when im only up for a few feeds, and when i get a 2 hour nap during the day. any other time she is not on us, she screams within about 3 mins. we have tried a rocker moses basket and bouncing pram but she just wont be soothed by any thing other than is

asha chaudhry

hi ecowarrior (nice name!) - u will need to get baby used to sleeping off u or u wont be able to do anything!!!! my baby also used to do that in between - i had a cosy little cotton baby bed that i wud gently roll her on. she wud sometimes wake up and scream but slowly i managed and wud run for my life or just sleep :) my dr suggested feeding her while sleeping but i wasnt comfy.  Sheeba Vijesh sonam patel Dhara Popat pls suggest #tagfwd

Dhara Popat

hello,  as Asha said u need to get your baby used to sleeping. Let her cry, it will take some. more days but than she will be used to it.  please  set up a two hour schedule.  If u will keep on pampering her she will put herself in that schedule amd than it will be very problematic for u n baby too.
so set a schedule n see to it that u feed her aftr every one n half or two hour gap nly :)tc

Sheeba Vijesh

when baby sleeps on you, sing while you put her down as well... as you put her on bed, keep your hand on her bottom and continue singing... now replace your hand with a rolled towel or tiny pillow so that you can run away to your 15 minutes of peace... this was what i used to do... if you get baby used to carrying around, you will end up suffering more... only pick baby up for feeding or comforting... while playing time, or other movements, distract and give floor time only...

Sheeba Vijesh

aditi manja Rakhi Puri

asha chaudhry

Sheeba Vijesh i m running out of titles for u! #MomQueen :) salute!

Sonam patel

I had tried the same which sheeba said as my elders at home taught me.. even you can keep your palms under your child's head while putting down.. and wait till you feel child is deep asleep. then remove your hands slowly.. in my case this has worked..

Kaushal Sovani

Dear Miss EcoWarrior,
You baby is just 3 weeks old.  She is seeking comfort from u. The sound of ur heartbeat, ur smell, ur voice which she was used to in the womb. This comforts her. This is a great time to bond with the baby.
I know it can be overwhelming.
Try things that Sheeba suggested.
Also you could try Babywearing her in a babycarrier like a stretchy wrap or a ring sling. These are most recommended for a newborn.
Apart from being hands-free, Babywearing has enormous  benefits. It helps ease in the first few months after the baby is born.  It helps regularize baby's body rhythms and sleep patterns. Baby is calm and relaxed.
There is a misconception that u can wear babies in a baby carrier only if u are going out.  You can actually  wear ur baby at home too for long hours. I started Babywearing when my daughter was just 9 days old. I used to move around with her safely tucked in the carrier and gwt on with my work at home,  eat peacefully, relax etc.
You can look up articles and vdos here on BabyChakra on Babywearing.
Lots of love and Best Wishes!!!


Aloka Mehta Gambhir any advise to give here ?

aditi manja

very well advised by everyone Miss EcoWarrior how funky is that name! some things to add which helped a lot with my daughter. We used to play gentle womb music when she would start falling asleep till after a few minutes of putting her down. you will find the music on YouTube. It helped her quite a bit. Also we used a zipper bed for her. This is same one in which you carry newborns from the hospital. It has a hood. Since we never wrapped or swaddled her up this bed was quite comfortable for her. Something to try :) Hang in there love, things will get better. Take care :*

ruqaiya khan

dear ecowarrior, at 3 weeks baby is still young soo plz get rid of.this bad habit of falling asleep on lap , in arm , on.breast . these habits look harmless at first but soon baby gets used to this as their only sleep resort. when ur baby is sleepy like she looks drowsy .watch her to find this time probably.after every.1 and half hr or 2 hrs. for start use a rocker lay her down in the rocker and slowly rock not.fast but sligtly jus wen she is abt to close her eye stop the rocker. I know u r thinking how will she sleep if u.stop rocking but this last step of falling asleep herself if she does u dont need to rock . like a hawk watch for.this window where she will.be drowsy .if u miss this baby gets too cranky to fall asleep thats y she cant be soothed easily . try this n.let me know how it went . dont let her cry that can.be harmful .

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Miss EcoWarrior remember Babies take time to settle down...
0-2 months... it's lil difficult in the beginning but later all will be fine....just feed her, burp her and try to put her on bed after soothing if it takes 100 times...Sheeba Vijesh is right if you keep her in your lap too much in beginning it creates habit....my girl is independent from 2nd month...she loves to play a lot but doesn't like anyone holding her for long...you cuddle and play but she hates to be in lap for more than a minute and she can play sitting on bed, floor, pram, rocker alone for hours with some colorful teethers or toys...I used to nurse and put her on bed....in beginning started with around 15-20 times but it became her habit then....keep patience and be calm and happy while trying and your stress will travel to your baby and things will be more difficult...

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