My lill one while playing fell from the bed and has pricked his tongue by his teeth and was bleeding... I bathed him directly... bleeding stopped after few minutes... he then had bm and slept... is there anything to worry about?? Please I am worried after this incident....

aradhana sharma

hi dear its really sad your lil one is in worry.. just check after this whether he is having  anynpain or swelling.. and is crancky. consukt doctor if any single negetibe symotom occur. help mommies and suggest Sheeba Vijesh asha chaudhry

Sheeba Vijesh

hi priyanka, it happens, i would suggest while you are not sleeping with baby, make baby sleep on floor mattress... better to be safe... observe baby for 2 days... if baby remains active, no worries.. do check on the tongue as well... in case of vomiting or lethargy immediately take to doctor.

Sheeba Vijesh

thanks for the tag Aradhana Sharma

Gayatri Rao

Hi Priyanka! The gums, lips and tongue have rich blood supply, therefore when kids fall down or cut tongue with teeth, the bleeding looks excessive. If he has calmed down and appears normal there is nothing to worry. Its part of their growing up :)

Dr. Payal M

this can happen even when baby is awake- it happened to my son when he fell while playing. as Gayatri has rightly said it will bleed a lot but will heal fast too.
only worry if bleeding wont stop or cut looks deep. tc


i hope baby is all better. Babies do fall. Immediately apply ice. As mentioned best to make baby sleep on low mattress

Nisha Dayal

I used to have rugs around my bed till she was 3. I still keep pillows around her if she is sleeping alone.  Whenever the baby hurts his tongue and it starts bleeding give little sugar it stops the bleeding.  In case of head injury don't let the baby sleep for an hour.  Watch the baby once he is awake and see if he is active in case of any changes see Doctor ASAP.

asha chaudhry

hey priyanka - hope baby is feeling better now? has happened with all of us and everyone has given u excellent suggestions. pillows, rugs, low sleeping mattresses - whatever suits u pls use. but even if u are sleeping on the same bed pls place pillows near baby's feet as well. my childoo fell off the bed from the feetside at night whn she was two years old :( tc and dont worry. healing hugs!

Priyanka Tanna

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.... My kiddo is playing, is active like before, had his lunch and is normal...
BabyChakra is a blessing!!

Archana Bhosale

Has happened to me also.  I was so scared but thankfully no injury to her.  Since that day we don't put her on bed. We sleep on floor mattress since that day. Usually nothing goes wrong but better to be careful

asha chaudhry

so happy to hear priyanka! hugs! we all knw how u feel :)

Sheeba Vijesh

Priyanka Tanna glad to hear that..

Saba Tabassum

hi priyanka ... dont worry, it happens...observe him and there is any pain or crankiness then plz do consult ur doc... and try put ur baby on floor while playing and sleeping ..

Priyanka Tanna

Thanks asha chaudhry and everyone for all the love and care!!

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