On this 28th May having vat sabitri pooja fasting, can I breast feed my baby empty stomach, will that effect my baby.  Please suggest ladies as this Pooja is very important for married women.

Jyoti Rohra

no it wl nt effect u cn bf to ur bby

aradhana sharma

hi..dear if you are fasting u have options to take some foods like sabudana, potato, u can check with your tradition, some may also take milk..plz donor be empty stomach, it will effect your h3alth and milk supply. God will take care :)

Jyoti Rohra

eithr tak milk or juices so dat it wl nt effect ur health

Harneet (clanpedia)

fasting can reduce ur milk. pls chk with a pediac or best will be ur gyno who can advise u

Harneet (clanpedia)

i didnt keep any fasts during my feeding time or in my pregnancy, my gyno strictly said no to fasts.

Sonika Singh

yes you can keep fast but have milk.. juices.and sabudane ki Kheer and fruits...have water...curb..

Nisha Dayal

Please eat lots of fruits and  vrat ka khana.

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Okay ladies can give my baby formula for that single day.  If yes then which brand I should take for my daughter, she's 4 month old.

Sheeba Vijesh

hi dear, i am sorry if this hurts any religious sentiments, but i believe God knows our situation well and will give what we ask if we pray. if you dont breastfeed your breasts are going to hurt. fasts and festivals will come every year... if the fast permits some types of food, then take that to the best value....

Dr. Payal M

has someone asked u fast? if yes, say u cant. if not,n its ur choice, then y dont u skip the fast. whatever ur choice, spare ur baby the trauma. remember its ur fast n not ur babies'

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Ellora Mohanty Biswal you can express your milk and keep in fridge for 24 hours it goes and feed her that...if you are having water you can feed...I understand this situation at have grown up seeing such fastings...I am from typical Brahmin family....had to cook for around 50 ppl for 15 days during some bhagwat path sankalp right after marriage...had never cooked for 5ppl earlier... some things you can't ignore but try and manage with your feed only...feed her right after you do falhar and give expressed milk rest of the time... good luck

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Thank u guys for suggestions,  I"ll have some fruits that day along with vrat Wala special food.

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