my son is 1.9 months..he doesn't start talking yet...he only utter three words papa baba dada only after so much of telling him to talk

better u can go nd check wt peadatrician.. before that avoid spending more time on TV mobiles ... try to tell stories.. always talk wt explaining Wat u r going to do.. wat r things u r having at home.. just like that.. talk wt him.. always dont tell him.. say this r say that nu.. no question answer type.. try talk wt him.. spend more time with him.. gv lots of love instead pressure.. surely he will 👍

hi priya - every child is different and tackles milestones differently. if his large motor skills are very good then perhaps he will talk later on. Priya Sood Merzia Maskati kindly advise

Dear Priya, If your child is 1.9 months and isn't saying more than 3 - 4 words, I would strongly suggest that you consult a Speech Therapist, as the sooner you get him the help, the sooner he can pick things up. Hope this helps!

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