hello all. my baby is about to be 3 months and he is a premmie. He is not interested in rattle sounds of any kind. he is attracted only to male voice( my father's and husband's voice) than mine or my mom's. what can I do to make my baby to listen my words. I mean not to obey just turning his head if he listens my voice. he is able to identify me if he sees me. But not by hearing my voice. please help.

asha chaudhry

hi raaghavi nithi . i think its probaby becoz baby is used to ur voice and that the male voices are not heard so often so they evoke curiosity? my suggestiin, talk to baby, sing to baby, read to baby, play with baby. u get lovely hanging toys that catch baby's eye. they also come with music. pls go to sonam patel profile page and u will see something similar she got her baby. good luck! keep us posted! Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Dhara Popat pls advise!

Sheeba Rizvi

Hi Raaghavi, Your baby is very small he is just 3 months and premmie too give him some time he will learn to respond soon but it may little slow as compare to non-premmies. So as asha chaudhry said spend more time with him talk to him makes eye interactions it works miraculously then slowly moving head the other side and call his name he will start recognising you soon.As he is too young he attracted  heavy sounds or bright colours as time goes his skills will also developed. He is listening to voice that's important. So just chill n let your hubby enjoy this phase coz later your baby is going to listen to you only first n then your hubby will be complaining he won't listen to me but his momma😉asha chaudhry thanks ☺

Raaghavi Yuvaraj

thanks asha chaudhry & Sheeba . yeah I guess he hears them rarely and it's because of the curiosity. I have seen toy on sonam patel wall. yeah I do have it. the thing  isn't attractive for him either by its colour or sound. that's my  concern. Might be he is too small and needs little time as said by Sheeba. 😃

Sonam patel

raaghavi nithi relax..baby needs time.. your baby  is just 3 months.. he will b responding soon.. just keep talking to your baby..

Sheeba Vijesh

hi dear... when my baby was small, he would also respond to male voices... he started smiling quite early, and when he saw men he would start to laugh out loud... a few weeks on he would give women smiles, loud laughs to men, and to me a half baked smile like this 😏! Seriously!!! I was constantly complaining that my only function is a milk factory, nothing else... My dad would say, baby knows mom's love is unconditional, and that he does not have to laugh for her to love him... Happy to say, now he laughs and enjoys the most with me than with anyone else... Keep trying, play, sing, do silly things for the baby... You are mom - the bond will only grow stronger... 😊

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