Hi all. I am fully confused. Being a new mom is challenging. You want to give the best for your kid. Can you all help me whether i can make my baby sleep in cradle. Mom in law says it shall become a habit and my mom says it will help him to sleep for longer and comfortably. As my baby gets up frequently when i make him sleep in bed?. How have the other moms dealing with? Pls share your stories

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

hi eshita... putting in a cradle definitely makes the baby sleep sooner, and is comfortable for the simple reason that it mimics to and fro motion similar to the womb ( when mother moves). children get habitual of a lot of things, but they outgrow it as time comes. have u ever heard a 10 year old sleep in a cradle? so don't worry, if it helps you, use it. the baby will come out of the habit when time comes :-)

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

but do read about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and be careful of what all you put in the cradle.

Naiyya Saggi

Priya Sood Sheeba Vijesh BabyChakra can you help ?

Sheeba Vijesh

till 3 months my mil would not allow to use cradle, she said baby needs mother's warmth... after that we bought cradle... but while using cradle, as soon as baby is at the threshold of sleep, you have to stop rocking... then it will not become a habit... that's what i learnt from experience.... 😊

Suhasini Vinod

please use cradle, it s really helpful.. baby will have sound sleep n ul have some free tym... babies n kids r more flexible than we assume.


hi, if u intend to use a cradle for ur baby pls ensure that there is no toys of any kind or unecesaary pillows n blankets in the cradle .

revathi suresh

use cradle it makes babies to sleep lomger...even i too confused ...like this then my doc told that he will be feeling like inside the mothers womb..so no worries use it.. but dont shake it too much..

Ashika Imthiyaz

hi Eshita u can use cradle and baby will come out of this habit when time comes.. I totally agree wt Prisha Lalwani but u shud b very careful when using it.. I also go with Sheeba Vijesh too... I used to explore my baby all kinds of sleeping technics like... sometimes bed, sometimes cradle, sometimes rocker, sometimes on our shoulders, by walking, by breastfeeding, sometimes silent atmosphere, sometimes at hall, sometimes music, sometimes TV too... trust me it works...

Bhavika Dedhia

if u use cradle u would need one at every place u visit say train journey.. native.. road journey.. which is many a times not possible..
i made my lo slept of bed.. beside me.. n hence didnt face any trouble Wenever i went out.. n plus point is could see my lo smile in sleep wen she slept near me..

Akansha Sharma

you can make your baby sleep in cradle during day time with proper supervision and suggested above do read about SIDS and be careful. In night Make your baby sleep on bed next to you.

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