wen i gav birth i had an issue with my nipple as baby was nt able to latch on it.i strted with expressing milk and also formula.aftr one month as i had enough milk i stoped formula feed she has compltd 3 mnths and now i notic dat her weight gain is nt in sam rate i feel so breast milk nt breast is always sagy and soft .so she needs to b fed every so worried abt it.and she is spitting formula feed also.. can any sugest me som solution ..

Once breast milk supply in terms of baby's demand and your supply matches you will feel the breast is soft and not heavy. Baby could be needing to have some entertainment as baby is now growing and also stays up longer hence needs more activity. Make sure the baby is urinating about seven times a day if on exclusive breast feed and that should show your supply is enough. Additionally please compare baby's growth to the growth charts provided by the doctor and not just as a comparison with other babies.

yes she urinates 7 times.but she urinated more before.weight gain was lik 50gms a day and now its nt changing.. she is now 5.35 kg conpletd 3 mnths. is dere a way to check on seeing the tummy of baby?

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