hi moms its really urgent my baby didn't slept for the whole day nw she slept at 10.30 n waking up with a loud cry...looks like shes frightened of some thing...I too cant sleep when I close my eyes im really thinking tat some evil thing is standing near the bed....it may sound like a joke for someone bt it really happens to me...even my husband is nt believing me...wt cn I do pls help me pls...really im out to cry....

Sheetal Rai

hi bhuvana usually babies experience night terrors. and around this time they start experiencing separation anxiety as well. so don't panic when ur baby starts crying. pick her up and maybe rock her show her favourite toy. and calm her down and then try to make her sleep again. just make sure ur baby isn't suffering from gas problems. and if u feel scared try to keep hanuman chalisa under ur pillow. I do this. this happens. just don't Panic or get scared. and maybe keep a dim light on in ur bedroom

aditi manja

hey take a deep breath and calm down. maybe she had a bad dream? can happen. hold your baby close and hum gently to her. it might soothe her. try offering a feed. it could also be that because she didn't sleep during the day, she is fatigued or over stimulated. check the essentials first like a wet diaper or diaper rash or hunger or colic. if everything else is fine walk around with her and talk to her in a reassuring voice and take deep calming breaths holding her close. babies can sense the mother's emotions. So if you are calm it will help in soothing her. Don't worry she will be fine :) And in case you are scared for any evil, try praying? Maybe that will help alleviate your fears :) tc dear. Sheeba Vijesh asha chaudhry any suggestions?

Nazeema Shaheen

hi Bhavana don't think of anything negative,stay calm so  that u can take proper care of Ur baby.the more u think of such things ,the more u will feel all such things.
Ur baby might be colic,u can give colicaid drops ,give some tummy time every day n burp Ur baby after feed.u may also apply some warm castor oil on babies tummy.stay positive

asha chaudhry

hi bhuvana - keep something little god like below ur pillow and chant whatever makes u strong. for me its the gayatri mantra. and pls dont worry. be strong!

asha chaudhry

Sheeba Vijesh sonam patel pls advise

Nazeema Shaheen

Bhavana,also check for any rashes or insect bites

Sheeba Vijesh

hi bhuvana, one day when we were sleeping, my son let out such a scary cry... me and hubby just about got heart attack with panic... it was around this time... babies tend to replay their day activities in sleep. also, if baby gets overstimulated, they won't sleep even if tired. so at the first sign of baby seeming sleepy, put her to sleep... make sure no one at home is throwing baby in air and catching or shaking or rocking too much... baby may giggle, bit cant say if its scaring baby... when baby cries, just hold her close and talk soothingly... it will stop, don't worry... in our place, it is advised to keep iron object under baby's bed like iron knife or rod.. people swear by it, but honestly it didn't work for my baby... but you could try... and chant mantras to baby while making her sleep... thanks for the tag aditi manja, asha chaudhry

Sonam patel

hey bhuvana.. dear first of all relax... don't think these things.. you have to b a strong women for your baby.. if you will think these things in future it will have a impact on your child..
children do wake up these way... my child also sometimes cry out loud like he's frightened by something.. just hold your baby close to your heart and make her calm.. everything will b fine.. and if you fear of some negativity.. keep an iron key or some iron thing nearby.. you can enchant gayatri mantra or even hanuman chalisa..

Sheetal Rai

hi moms I would like suggest that we are here to try and help as other moms as much as we can not to judge them or make them panic even more. she shared a question feeling scared. every mother would be. she is strong and her being scared won't impact her baby's future. so lets not use such statements.  her concern itself shows that she is a great mother.

Archana Bhosale

Seems like colic or gas problem.

Sonam patel

extremely sorry if I have hurt somebody's sentiment.. I didn't mean any such thing.. and even I m not judging.. m sorry.. I m not saying that she is not a great mother.. every mother is great..

Roopashree Siddireddy

Hai Bhuvana.. as you mentioned.. baby was awake all day.. Baby is too tired and also..so kids dream a lot. Whatever babies see, perceive that thing they see.in dreams. So always keep baby happy and don't scare baby even for fun. In dreams he may have seen..you leaving him or not giving food may be. Just relax.. no need to panic. Just pat him and whisper that..you are near to him. All kids do this thing. Tomorrow give a good massage...as body may be aching.
Sometimes feeling that...someone is near you, someone staring at you etc etc...it's due to over thinking and lack of sleep. Your eyes and mind will be so much strained that.. when you close eyes... the light which is retained in nerves..will create an artificial shadow sometimes. It's all technical... no bhoot, preth.. nothing. Whenever free.. wet some.cotton and keep on your eyes to relax. Due to harmonal changes... we will be weak mentally.
if ever you feel scared.. keep Hanuman chalisa book under your pillow. Or you can keep tulsi leaves. can tie black thread on to your left feet. Just relax. And always..take deep breath in such situation. Breath in positive golden light and breath out all your tensions, doubts and fear as black light. It's gone.

Kamalini Rao

Dear Bhuvana, I'm not sure if my suggestion would help, but try if possible. There is a mantra called "Sankata hara chaturthi vinayaka strotram" (u can Google the mantra). please read this mantra with your baby on your lap. My mother told me when babies are frightened or see some bad kind of dream or something they become restless and cry a lot. Mantra always brings positive vibrations. Just give a try once. me and my sister follow this when our babies behave weirdly.

Sheeba Rizvi

Hi Bhuvana all mothers gave a there best suggestions hope it will work. Baby do get scared while sleepi g sometime they smile they laugh sometime crys its very common keep a light cushion or any soft toy or your hand on her chest when she sleeps it protect baby to scare they feel warmth of mother. Such things happens sometime when we are overworked  or didn't get enough sleep or may be any activity which we did in day also kept remaining in our sub concious mind. Keep yourself away with nigative things..listen to light good music before going to bed. Meditation n prayers are also keep your mind fresh and you will get a good sleep..All the best dear...hugs to you☺

Ritu Rana

hi bhuvana, whenever your baby cry like this. just hold her and let her know that you are there for her. Pat her and if she still cries take her in your arms and start walking in the room. In my place ladies says that if baby smiles while sleeping then goddess of sleep is telling the baby that I am taking your father with me and when the baby open her eyes for a second then goddess is telling her that look your home is burning so the baby checks the room whether it's true by opening her eyes and when the goddess tells the baby that I am taking your mother with me then the baby cries.

Bhuvana Venkat

thank u every one...thanks for ur support...even my hubby hadnt told me all tis thanks a lot onceagain

Sangeetha Karuna

Hey Bhuvana Venkat,  Relax dear. We are hear for you. Babies tend to visualize in dreams about everything they see during day time. And you got stressed out as you were with her the whole day. Ask someone to babysit for some few minutes and you try to relax.idle mind is always a devil's workshop. Try to go for a walk in a nearby park and engage in some activities. Our big hugs to you dear☺️

Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog)

try cleansing your home Bhuvana Venkat.. place some kapoor in corners of your home, some rock salt on the bathroom. light a little candle in the evening and probably use essential.oils in diffusers or burn them.. I believe that these have helped me. 

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