hello. ...my son is 2 yrs old now ....he's not talking 😞 even not telling Amma . .APPA ...and he concentrate on mobile ... rhymes...tv....
how to avoid from mobile ....when he'll talk....
please suggest any tips.  ,😥

Sheeba Rizvi

Hello dear Mom some kids are slow to get milestone my son is 2.9 now but still don't talk clearly his words are not clear yet but he understands everything n my daughter started talking clearly even before completing her 2 years so it's different in each case. But you will have to quit his habit of TV or Mobile. take him off completely from those devices spend more time with him n keep talking singing with him he will start soon.Good luck Sheeba Vijesh sonam patel Dhara Popat asha chaudhry any suggestions?

Sheeba Vijesh

Pratiksha Gupta please help

asha chaudhry

hi there, Sheeba Rizvi has given excellent advice. pls talk, read out loudly to ur little one, sing along and make him interact with other kids. some kids take time to speak and achieve other milestones like walking, running faster. pls read articles on speech development etc Does your Child need Speech Therapy? Rhituparna Mitra do we have an expert who cud guide?

Arwa Hozefa

hey .. it's normal for babies to not talk . but you have to make an effort to help him speak . keep repeating the words of things he pints to and try to make him talk . also avoid the tv and mobile . have as much verbal convo u can with ur child and keep asking him what he wants until he tries to remove some sound from his mouth and tell u . also u can visit a speech therapist. 

Sonam patel

moms have provided you with great advices.. I think one more way of developing speech may b taking your child out every evening.. show her diffrent things and name them.. like you showed her a tree and said that it's a tree.. the next day when you go ask her what's this.. you can help her in pronouncing by letting her to repeat the word tree after you..
wean off from tv.. just take out some wire whenever your child wants to watch.. so that it doesn't work and your lil one understands that it's no more working.. in case of mobiles can't help much..

Menaxi Hotla

hi dear mom ......my baby also become 2 years next month ....but she's still can' t speak all words clearly its just beginning and its all depend on her mood....she also like mobile.....but we r hiding our phones from her...........please u also try to hide ur phone.....

Harneet (clanpedia)

just stop using any electronic device. its as easy as swiching off button and locking the phone. the child will cry a lot, and that is understable.. talk to the child.. be patient...and give loads of hugs and kisses. . repeat process everytime.. every day. communication will increase on its own

Harneet (clanpedia)

my son strted talking after 2.5 yrs

Saima Tariq

U have to talk to him..
while playing,
U have to make him Repeat words like Papa Apps Amma Mamma etc..
u have to spend a lot of tym with him..


hello, u can reduce his habit by taking him out to garden morn n Eve,  leave him with his  similar age grp children daily for some tym , take him out like interaction with neighbours children, or little elder than him.This can eventually decrease his mobile following. And talking to him on intervals is effective for children to let thm speak.Play audio music on intervals n u recite with it.

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