my baby is three month old....should i use diaper pediatric told it should not be used daily....

It's your choise. Can be used if you are changing it on time (every 3-4 hours). It's best to apply rash cream or coconut oil before putting diapers, to avoid rashes

Diapers can be used 24 by 7 but they need to be changed often. Generally every three hours and if the baby passed stools then immediately. It is also suggested that you use a diaper rash cream which will form a barrier between the baby's skin and the diaper.

Khyati this article might be useful.

Found this on BabyChakra. Thought you'd find it helpful!

'Disposable or Cloth Diapers for your Baby? Or just Nappies? - Figure out for yourself!


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Hi, You can see these articles on Babychara you may find it helpful :)
Why should you use reusable cloth diapers -

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