Sir, our baby boy is around 2 years 4 months old. What type of food we can give me. plz help us, he is not taking his food properly. his weight is around 12kg.

Children this age do not like to sit still or eat long and elaborate meals. They prefer quick ideas. Additionally they are also experiencing a streak of Independence wherein they want to eat on their own. Try more of finger foods and foods which are easy for him to eat on his own and aim at making them healthy. Make idlis and dosas with spinach, chills with vegetable puree parathas with vegetables. Try fruit milk shakes and curd mixed with fruit and raisins. Add powdered nuts to his preparations to add the extra punch of nutrition.

At this age your kid should eat what you eat. Don't force him 3big meals instead give him healthy and nutritious food 4-5 times a day

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