Hii.. I had my second miscarriage at 7 weeks..
I've been trying to move on but I feel unhappy a lot, cry at weird times and I'm not very pleasant to be around. I don't know if all that is because of the way my body feels physically or if depression may be making me feel that way. I'm feeling so alone and feel like everyone else has moved on. I want to scream from the roof tops that I lost a baby and am suffering.🙁

Sumira Bhatia

Nausheen I have been through the pain of losing a baby and I know how heartbreaking it is.  But keep your faith strong.  Know that your baby will come to you again.  Mine did and I know yours will too. Talk to your husband and share your pain with him. he lost a baby too.  It is okay to cry and not feel pleasant. You went through a lot.  Just know that tomorrow will be a brand new day. Tomorrow will be a better day.  Meditate. Read books, listen to music anything that makes you connect.  I used to write to my baby in heaven and that eventually brought me peace. Once I was at peace,  I conceived again and had a beautiful baby.  sending you lots of love and blessings

Neha Gupta

Dear please be calm n relax...... Don't worry you will get next time pregnant don't be feel sad....I know what you have feel at this time...I can understand but please take care of yourself and relax your body and keep try again after 3-4 month ....Allah give you soon Baby in your arms...dear

Dhara Popat

hey dear a big and tight hug to u. dont b sad dear, we all are with u.  you can msg us anytime n we r there for u.  just have faith.  stay happy n healthy.  u will get pregnant soon.  Dr. Payal M, Rakhi Puri , sonam patel, Roopashree Siddireddy plz tag fwd

Sonam patel

nausheen.. as a mother we all can understand your pain.. do talk to your husband and pour your heart out.. he too had lost his child and he might b trying to b strong just for you.. so you too will have to b a strong lady.. take care of yourself.. you will soon b blessed. have faith
.. and we all are here for you.. whenever you are sad or feel depressed you can  talk to us anytime.. all the best dear..healing hugs and prayers on your way


i can understand ur pain...u need to be strong i had 2 miscarriages ...i can feel ur pain but u know its al in the hands of God...Dnt worry n   dnt take stress ....Have Faith in God ....

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Nausheen Ghazala screaming your​ heart out sometime helps....take a short trip nearby, sit in nature and scream as much you can... letting out helps let go everything in mind...you are strong as you are a woman.... woman is born strong as it's not easy to leave own family and start life with new....read somewhere beautiful line about women....A man goes with 1000s to get a woman and she comes alone.....you will be mom soon ....
good luck😘 and remember you are never alone....


Thank you to everyone.. Tight hugs..
Reading everyone elses advice and experiences really helped me to understand and accept the things and it is supportive to me in so many ways. But still i feel empty, like something is stolen from me and i couldn't get it back.🙁

Sumira Bhatia

Nausheen the emptiness you feel is natural. When the time is right the same soul will get connect with you and you will get it back.  Your beautiful baby will come to you again. Faith is everything. It was very very unfair but God isn't completely unkind. The why's we cannot answer. I know how horrible it is to see everyone else with babies when yours didn't make it and I really really wish that this feeling would somehow go away and you'd jump to the future when you have a baby too.  But trust me, it will happen. Until then you'll have to find the strength in you that would take you through this hard time.  lots of love and hugs

Shweta Ayili

Nausheen, i understand the pain you are going on.. i had 3 miscarriages... you be strong and positive.. everything happens for a reason and you will have a wonderful future... just believe in God...

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